Rwandese Christian Singer Admits He Is a Gay

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:27/08/2019 9:46
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Rwandan Christian singer thanks God for being a gay since 1995.

The so-called Christian and worshiper in Pentecost Church, Albert Nabonibo, opened about his being a gay in public eye and confessed he has been sleeping with countless boys since he was at high school.

He was born in Gicumbi district and is popular thanks to his songs such as 'Umenipenda' and 'Sogongera.' He rose to fame since 2014 but he is said to have been faltering in music progress.

Speaking in interview with Paulin Ayabba, who works for Umugisha TV, on this Monday, he said he was like a clumsy and shy child when he was at high school in 1995. 

As he continued to tell his life story, he shrugged and boldly said he felt special love for people with the same sex. 

Despite his serving God and being member of church choir, he said he lives with another private life of homosexuality.

'' I can't remember how many boys with whom I made love but they are plenty of them,'' he said, adding he had amazing moments with his fellow gays that he dares not forget. 

 Albert Nabonibo is not ashamed of being a gay

'' I felt I was a complete gay and fortunately I encountered with plenty of gays thanks to job I was doing {he denied saying which job he was doing},''

He went on to say there are endless number of Priests, Pastors and singers in Rwanda who are gays but he was reluctant to cite their names. 

''Absolutely! There are not just in Rwanda but all over the world. Some Ministers, Priests and Pastors are gays, I barely do it alone,'' he revealed. 

He however said he never expects to wed his boyfriend in favor of pleasing people or his family. He also said he has manhood nature while his partner has to have womanhood. 

'' If I feel like a man, there is another person who feels like a woman and wants to sleep with me,'' he uttered. 

Press here to see him confessing he is a gay 

He concluded denying the fact that married couple should be made by a man and woman as Bible says. To him, he doesn't care whether he sleeps with a man or woman since he merely values his sexual pleasure.  


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