Kendrick Lamar Shows off His Boxing Skills

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:26/08/2019 13:25
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Kendrick Lamar may be small, but the man is mighty- that much we can tell by the way he trains in the ring.

The Grammy-winning rapper has been getting his box on lately at a gym in Northridge, CA - about 20 minutes north of L.A.- and TMZ Sports got a hold of what appears to be the only footage of Kendrick in the ring doing his thing.

Dude's from Compton, but it seems he's been looking to keep an even lower profile than usual 'cause we're told this specific facility is pretty dang discreet.

As for what Kendrick has been getting into inside, welp ... take a looksy for yourself. As it turns out, Kung Fu Kenny's got hands - you can see him doing a vigorous round of focus mitt drills with a trainer ... and we gotta say, KL could go toe-to-toe with any Joe there.

We're told Kendrick went about four rounds of mitts on this outing - and he looked sharp all the way through. It's unclear what he's training for -maybe he's just keeping fit?

Either way, the MC is no stranger to combat in his art. During his "DAMN" tour, he embraced the martial arts aesthetic in a video that accompanied his set, and homeboy could move.

Whether it's boxing or kung fu fighting ... Kendrick has made major strides from the way he used to throw down (jokingly, of course).   



Rutayisire Patience


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