U.S Youths Delegation Eyes to Stop Drugs Abuse in Rwanda

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:16/08/2019 15:52
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A delegation of 25 Americans including students and members of Teen Challenge Rwanda are in the country, where they look to partake in a campaign against drugs abuse in Rwanda.

The campaign was organized by Teen Challenge Rwanda in partnership with Healing Worship Team.

The delegation arrived in Rwanda on 11th August 2019 in order to participate in the campaign with theme’ ‘Say no to Drugs'' taking place on 18th August 2019 at Bethesda Holy Church at Gisozi-Kigali.

Healing Worship Team is said to be on top of other Worshiping groups in the country of thousand hills thanks to its praising and soulful ballads. Organizers of the campaign believe it will be fruitful to the youths and Rwandan society on the whole.  A crew of students attended the campaign against drug abuse.

Ev. Willy Rumenera, director of Teen Challenge Rwanda, told INYARWANDA the campaign aims to impair drugs abuse. He further said they invited the youths from America, among of whom were used to abusing drugs but later stopped, to mentor Rwandan youths on how to stop abusing drugs.  

'' When you see gangsters, they are our sons and daughters, we have hope after we realized it, if you don't have hope, it will find you wither you are.  We chose to work with Americans because they have experience in it, since they have been fighting against it for 60 years now, but it is a new concept for us, that’s why we have chosen to work with them,'' he said.

'' We seek to tell our children to return to our culture of being obedient to their parents and respect our Rwandan values, secondly tell them about Jesus. We shall come down to Schools so that those students tell true stories to their fellow students in Rwanda. We will also hold a concert with Healing Worship Team on 18 August 2019 at Bethesda Holy Church at Gisozi,'' he added.  

Deborah Checkles, representing Teen Challenge Rwanda, came with the delegation. She disclosed Rwanda is a beautiful country and that she loves it. She went on to say that she visited Rwanda last year and learned so many things here which helped her reshape her students' lifestyle.

''   I have a big class but one of my students obsessively begged me to come with her in Rwanda. After I visited Rwanda, lifestyle of my students have changed dramatically. I believe whatever a human being does with help of God, becomes reachable. I assure Rwandans that every person can change,'' she said. 

Teen Challenge Rwanda conducted a campaign against drug abuse last year, in the meantime, also a delegation from the states contributed to the completion of it. 

Besides, Healing Worship Team, other artists such as Light Gospel Choir, Glory of God Worship Team, Rehoboth Ministries, Injili Gospel Choir, Heman Worshipers International and Calvary Worship Team- are expected to light up stage while Rev. Jacobs Nombe preaches. Entrance permit is free of charge for all.   


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