Rwandan Riders Set for All Africa Games in Japan

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:15/08/2019 13:33
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Nzafashwanayo who has recently won Tour du Congo ridding competition along with Moise Mugisha, who has been training in Belgium, appeared on a list of cyclists expecting to attend All Africa Games 2019 taking place in Japan in the end of this August.

Morocco, Rabat, is hosting All Africa Games taking place from 16th until 30th August 2019, which will be happening for the 12th time since 1965. 

Regarding ridding games, Rwanda is slated to be represented by Joseph Areruya, Jean Claude Nzafashwanayo, Moise Mugisha and Didier Munyaneza, best known as Mbappe.
Jean Claude Nzafashwanayo of BEX won Tour du Congo 2019 title.

Didier and Joseph are jetting off to Kigali this Thursday, since they took off from Japan this morning. Moise Mugisha also is coming since he finished intensive training in Belgium such as Skol Fly Cycling Club which ran from 5th July 2019.

Didier Munyaneza among riders who are going to compete in Japan for All Africa Games 2019.

It is expected that Moise Mugisha is arriving in the country, coming from Belgium, this Friday morning at roughly 6:30.

Jean Claude Nzafashwanayo, who previously walked home with Tour du Congo, will also be in Rwanda's national team of cyclists under 23 for All Africa Games 2019.

In 4 riders, who will represent Rwanda in All Africa Games 2019, include three of Benediction Excel Energy Continental Team and Joseph Areruya who rides for Delko Marseille Provence KTM.

Total cyclists are Moise Mugisha, Joseph Areruya, Didier Munyaneza, and Jean Claude Nzafashwanayo while coach is Felix Sempoma and Eric Maniriho as technician.     


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