ELECTRICOM Brings Solution to Humidity Problems Attacking Buildings In Kigali

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:15/08/2019 10:59
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ELLECTRICOM Ltd company, which specializes in building and revamping houses, has discovered everlasting remedy for houses facing humidity problems. You will be surprised with what CEO of the company told us in interview.

Rwanda is a landlocked and said to be a developing country on the continent of Africa in almost all sectors such as economy, health, education and infrastructure.

The capital of Rwanda, Kigali, reportedly the cleanest in Africa thanks to its beautiful green vegetation surrounding high buildings, houses and roads. However, it was recently discovered that Rwanda has been facing humidity problems attacking people’s houses.

The problem attracted attention of many non-government and public organizations, luckily, ELECTRICOM ltd company partnering with SIKA from Belgium have brought water proofing products to impair humidity in buildings.

How does Humidity attack house?

New study suggests that humidity in buildings is caused by water falling on the soil and enters the building from bottom side until it reaches inside and causes humidity.

How does waterproofing (Sika Products) combat humidity?

“Waterproofing products, as the name suggests, it gets closer and centres to small holes on walls, where water penetrates into the house and provokes Humidity of building,” Kalimunda, CEO of ELECTRICOM ltd Rwanda, delineated.

How to use waterproofing products?

“Waterproofing products are used for a new constructed or refurbished house especially, when the humidity has attacked it. Some of the products are a mixture of water and cement while others are pure,” He added.

Where to use waterproofing (Sika Products)

SIKALATEX: Is used for renders, floor screeds-concrete repair, tile fixing mortars and masonry mortars.

SIKALASTIC: Is used for roof waterproofing solution in both new construction and refurbished projects, including roofs with many details and complex geometry.

SIKALITE: Is a powdered waterproof Portland cement or sand renders and mortars for application to walls, facades, floor toppings and jointing mortars.

SIKACERAM: Is used for layers absorbing ceramic tiles on indoor and outdoor, on walls and out floors, and spot-gluing insulating panels made of polystyrene, polyurethane foam, rock or glass wool.

SIKA PLASTOCRETE: Is used for sloped roof slab, flat roof slab, beams, columns, slabs, internal and external plaster of buildings, repair and renovation.

SIKA WATER BAR: Is used for seal construction and expansion joints, water towers, dams, spillways, basements, parks, tunnels, subway, retaining and underground car.

SIKA ANCHOR FIX: Is used for rebars or reinforcing steel, threaded robs, bolts, hollow, solid masonry and special fastening systems.

SIKA MONOTOP: Is used on corrosion protection for steel reinforcement in concrete repair, bonding slurry on prepared concrete and mortar for Sika monotop repair mortars.

SIKACEMFLEX: Is used in conjunction with cemflex fabric for reservoirs, shower floors and walls, balcony and veranda floors (under tiles) and retaining walls.

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