Dube Leaves Good Impression in Kigali-Unforgettable Moments You will Miss

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:12/08/2019 13:59
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Dube Benjamin performed in Kinyarwanda while Mbonyi and Precious Nina surprised revelers- Important moments you have missed from True Promises performance.

Bishop Benjamin performed in Rwanda for the first time and promised to return for the second time. He came to Rwanda thanks to True Promises group who invited him.

The founder of Spirit of Praise, based in South Africa, is popularly known for his songs such as;’’ You Love Me''Ngiyakuthanda'','' He Keeps Me on Doing'' Yiyo Lawa Amanda'', Bless the Lord,'' Bow down and Worship'' among others.

True Promises appeared in True Worship Live concert

The concert was held at Intare conference Arena in Rusororo and was pigeonholed by many surprises. Revelers were surprised by Dube's performance since he echoed songs in local language. The concert is said to be the most expensive in all concerts organized by True Promises group.

Dube Benjamin performed in Kinyarwanda

After ''He keeps on doing'' hit maker performed his songs, he also chanted a song by True Promises dubbed'' Mana Urera'' in Kinyarwanda.

Israel Mbonyi surprised revelers

That he is inspired by Dube Benjamin, Israel Mbonyi cancelled his flight ticket to Europe where he would perform, in order to grace the concert Dube headlined in the capital of Rwanda.

True Promises opened a basked comprising special songs yesterday

True Promises showed its fans they have been cooking something special for them. As they climbed up to the stage, they chanted their fresh songs in English. It appears their music is growing and going to transcend borders of the country. 

Precious Nina astonished revelers with her singing vibes

Previous schedule showed Nina out of the list of performers, but before she went to the stage, Dube lauded her and invited her to sing along with him, when she rushed to the staged, concertgoers agitated and whisper to one another, wondering what was going on, because True Promises fore announced that official performers would be Benjamin Dube, Shekinah Worship Team, Alarm Ministries and Sam Rwibasira only. 

Precious Nina, a young girl, encountered with Dube in America when she won Imba Diaspora talent title. Dube promised her that he will collaborate a song with her.

Dube teamed up with Precious Nina to chant Bow Down single, crowd of people who attended the concert screamed for joy, as it faded out, Dube hugged her tightly.

Dube proved he is a singer and bishop because he preached while he was singing for dozens of people who attended the concert. He narrated God helped him become a father, singer, producer, and serviceable to society. He added Rwanda was blessed thanks to majority of total population are young generation.

'' Let us learn from the past and predict for the future,'' Dube advised. 

Dube Benjamin said he was grateful for True Promises group who invited him to evangelize and spiritually entertain Rwanda's residents. He also offered a gift to True promises group and wished them to keep going forward and fight for prosperity of God's kingdom.

'' We need to go on being trusted and become a bridge to others. I don't believe in people too much but I have granted all my belongings to God. God is likely to use even a little kid,'' he tipped. 

Famous artists turned up for the concert

Often times, famous singers hardly attend concerts organized by groups or choirs but things looked different yesterday and it turns out many people love Dube Benjamin so much. You can't believe singers who have big names in the country such as Gaby Kamanzi, Tonzi, Serge Iyamuremye, Israel Mbonyi, Yvan Buravan, Aime Uwimana, Brian Blessed-just to name a few-turned up for the concert. 

Analytically, the concert was fascinating since many people said they saw Dube face to face for the first time and that rising singers should be promoted as well because of a good example of Precious Nina who thrilled revelers. However, she was disregarded by True Promises before.  

She fortunately managed to maintain thrilling ambiance in the amphitheater. True Promises is also blamed of irritating revelers since they failed to respect time and as result concertgoers lamented to have spurned all six hours while they were promised to be punctual before the concert started. 


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