Gospel Celebrities Excited as Dube Graces True Worship Live Concert in Kigali

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:10/08/2019 10:11
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Popular and gospel singers in Rwanda expressed their heartfelt after Dube Benjamin revealed that he will headline an historical concert in Kigali for the first time in music history. You will be surprised with what gospel celebrities in Rwanda said in interview with INYARWANDA.

Lovers of gospel songs await True Worship Live concert on 11th August 2019 which will be graced by the South African superstar. Gospel singers who have big names in Rwandan music industry opened about thrilling mood the singer has so far created in the country.

The concert was organized by True Promises Ministries, which rose to fame thanks to their hit ''Mana Urera.'' That it will be held at Conference Arena, based in Rusororo, from 3: Pm, it is said to be the best concert True Promises Ministries has ever organized. 

The artists confided that they invited Dube Benjamin because of a great love they feel for him and that they expect to enjoy worshiping service with him. They added that he is the founder of Spirit of Praise which have inspired them so much. 

Benjamin hinted that he will make an outstanding show and real worshiping events. He is reportedly the best African worshiper and singer. He announced that he arrives in Rwanda this morning, 10th August. It is scheduled that he will visit Kigali genocide memorial center at Gisozi, and after, he will hold a press conference with journalists.

Dube Benjamin to perform in Rwanda for the first time

In the concert that is slated to be graced by Bishop Dube Benjamin, True Promises Ministries expects to share stage with Shekinah Worship Team of ERC Masoro, Alarm Ministries and Sam Rwibasira. Benjamin Dube is to headline the concert. 

Bishop Benjamin brought attention to debates amongst Christian singers in the country where INYARWANDA came down and interviewed some. 

'' I am really astonished with that man! To me, he is a robust pillar of gospel music in Africa and around the world. It is an amazing grace to have welcomed him to Rwanda, I love him so much,'' Israel Mbonyi, who is said to be on top of gospel singers in the country, said, adding that he might never turn up because of his evangelical mission in England. 
Gaby Kamanzi, who is claimed to be gospel queen in the country, lauded talent of Dube Benjamin.'' It is a blessing to have him and we can't wait to learn from his vocalic melody and how to really worship,'' she uttered. 

Patient Bimana has a big name in gospel and sings solo. He invited Solly Mahlang and Sinach in 2018.

 '' The fact that Benjamin Dube is coming to Rwanda, we are lucky because we are going to learn a lot of lessons from him, I wholly heartedly thank True Promises group who invited him,'' he added.

Diane Nyirashimwe, healing worship team and true promises singer, uttered the coming of Benjamin shows Rwandan music progress.

'' I am very excited that a great man like Dube is coming to sing for us, we are blessed,'' she added that she used to watch his songs on You Tube channel but she never met him personally. '' Our music is taking another level since legends of Africa start to come and sing with us,'' Diane said.

'' Briefly, it is a blessing for overall Rwandan worshipers. Dube you are a blessing to me, may the lord Jesus Christ bless you,'' said Simon Kabera.

Speaking in an interview with INYARWANDA, Liliane Kabaganza, who chants in Rehoboth Ministries said:'' What I can say is, we are so happy with welcoming him to our country.'' 

'' To me, as Gentil Misigaro, i respect servants of God who tirelessly fight several battles for God. So, Dube is one of such people who dedicated themselves to transcend African music to the rest of the world. It is a blessing that he is going to entertain Rwandans for the first time and i encourage everyone to draw attention and learn from his excellency,'' a diaspora Gentil spurred.   Other singers such as Dominic Ashimwe and Bishop Aime Uwimana also repeated that they look to learn from him since his music vibes inspired them so much.        


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