Rwandan Artist Handcuffed After Proposing to His Fiancée in Dubai

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:8/08/2019 10:31
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It was at sunset in Dubai shopping malls when a Rwandan songster, Enias Mihigo-best known on stage as Madjima, proposed to his girlfriend. You will be surprised with how the young man was handcuffed by the cops, even before he finished to kiss his own fianceé.

Nowadays couples have imitated the western culture of giving engagement ring to their lovers by kneeling down. Many people believe if a man never bows down to put the ring on his girlfriend's finger, he is primitive. 

In a bid to please her lover, the Rwandan singing star came down on his left knee to propose to his girlfriend but cops appeared and immediately arrested them.  

Enias surprised his fiancee Gloria and proposed to marry her when they were in Dubai   

Few days ago, the artist flew for Dubai, as he arrived there- he surprisingly proposed to his girlfriend whom they have been dating each other for a year and six months. In that time, the girl looked pale but she could not hold back to accept. 

Something confusing is how cops immediately appeared and arrested them immediately after the man put an engagement ring on his fiancée’s finger. Meanwhile, the excited girl remained in despair and tears. 

Enias Mihigo handcuffed after proposing to his fiancee

The source, who went down in Dubai, continued to tell us that the gospel singer is also a businessman. Enias claims that he sings for passion but business is his career. 

Best known for his hit'' Arandinda Malaika,'' Enias chants that all individuals have God sent angel for protection and that it doesn't matter whether someone is a Christian or not.

Madjima proposed to his fiancée Gloria

It is one year and a half since Madjima started dating Gloria Ingabire, both of them were baptized in Adventist church of the seventh day. 

On 24th July 2019, was a day of happiness and pain for the couple- there was proposing for marriage and imprisoning attempt, in the second largest shopping mall in the world by total land area,opposite the tallest tower in the world-Burj Khalifa, which attracts dozens of tourists and business people. 

Gloria Ingabire shed tears of happiness when his future husband proposed to her

When Enias bowed down to propose to his fiancée, various kinds of people who were shopping surrounded them. They were very surprised, some people whispered to each other '' goodness! It's my first time to see this,''

So many people were fascinated with the incident and asked Madjima to do it again. As he did it again, cops heard shouting voices and hurried up to catch and took them to be questioned. 

Dubai cops interrogated the couple and the pair cooperated with them and delineated everything they were asked about in just 30 minutes. 

Speaking in interview with INYARWANDA Enias disclosed that he wanted to please his lover beyond her imagination and that Dubai was a perfect place for a perfect lady of his life. '' I wanted to please her,'' he said, adding that he was also surprised by people who draw attention to what he did.  Madjima and Gloria were accused of disturbing tranquility of Dubai and that is why they were under-arrest for a while.

'' I thought that they accused me of shooting videos of my songs but i was clear with them that i was just proposing to my fiancée. They later jolted down our address and what we do and released us and of course  congratulated on our engagement'' he narrated.

Madjima along with fiancée Gloria

Madjima went on to reveal, before they were interrogated, he was in despair that the cops would delete the photos and videos from his camera. He further said that after the cops checked all the photos and videos, they released them.

Gloria was over the moon but also scared of people who surrounded them. She enjoyed the ring but his boyfriend was reluctant to tell us how much it costed them.  Asked why he chose Gloria, Madjima said: '' Gloria loves me and i can feel it. My family and her family enjoy life together,'' he confided.
Enias said their families enjoy life together

He promised he will open about their wedding day when everything is ready and that they have a lot of stories to tell about their love life and a secret of Dubai which made their love prosper.    



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