Prophet Sultan Promises to Heal Patients who will Attend his Concert in America

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:6/08/2019 17:59
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Prophet Sultan foresaw that patients battling with incurable diseases will be healed if they attend his concerts which he expects to land in America. You will be surprised with what he Told us in interview

The leader of Zeal of Gospel Church, best known as River of Joy, was once again invited to historical evangelical crusades to be held in the states. He announced that he will make miracle to heal incurable diseases and that his prophesy never let him down.  

It is merely three months gone-by since he has been to America, but he seeks to return to preach and heal the sick to cast more light for people who were scarcely convinced by his preaching power. He told INYARWANDA that he was invited by Rev. Omar- living in Texas and Pastor Desire-living in Ohio state. He went on to say, he revived withered hearts of believers to life again when he previously visited the continent.  

‘’ It was a wonderful experience when I was in the states last three months. People barely knew me but majority of them were impressed on seeing me and that’s why I am leaving back to shed more light on what they were keen to know, if I hadn’t had good impression on them I would not go back only after three months,’’ he said.

Prophet Sultan eyes to land huge crusade in America and heal the sick

He said he looks to profit from the concerts and reveal his God given majestic power to expand kingdom of God in the states.

‘’ It will be a moment of beauty and prophesy, we will say prayers for patients and study about God’s grace since many people are unware of good news,’’ he said. The concert will take place from 16th until 18 August 2018. 


Rutayisire Patience


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