RwandaCyclingCup: Yves Nkurunziza Outshines for Tour de Kigali Race

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:4/08/2019 10:33
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Yesterday- Saturday, Tour de Kigali-for Rwanda cycling cup, crossed the city of Kigali. Yves Nkurunziza won first award after he completed roughly 108 Kms utilizing 3 hours 04 minutes and 13 seconds.

Yves Nkurunziza, a rider of Benediction Excel Energy continental team, became third rider from the team based in Democratic Republic of Congo who attended the international race to cross the city of Kigali.

Yves received award after he won the tour de Kigali

He rode together with Rene Jean Paul Ukiniwabo and Eric Manizabayo who is popularly known as Karadio.

He attended the race but he only had few hours to stay in the country since his team based in France was waiting for him, immediately after, he finished the race in Kigali, in a bid to prepare for forthcoming grueling race that will take place in Monaco city.

In the race, adults had to complete a trajectory from EP Intwari-Tapis Rouge-Nyakabanda-Kimisagara-Nyabugogo-Yamaha-Apacope-NISR-Agakiriro-Gitega-. EP Intwari has 12 kms. 

 Yves Nkurunziza enthralled after he clinched the victory

Girls also expected to ride across the trajectory three times, meaning they had to complete a trajectory of 72kms while junior boys completed 92kms. Adults rode nine times and completed a trajectory of 108kms.

Janvier Rugamba crossed around this way, following one person in front of him, but he tumbled and collapsed as he reached 8th round. Yves profited from his fall and swiftly took advantage to go forward to the front, followed by Jeremie who was in Juniors slot. The riders spent almost the whole day- leading the race and on 8th round, Jeremie won juniors slot- occasioning Yves to continue ninth round alone and reclaimed the victory as soon as he completed 108kms, utilizing 3 hours 4 minutes and 15 seconds. 

Speaking in interview with reporters, Yves said that it was high time for him he showed difference.

''The race was tough enough for our team because we merely left with three riders who would represent others. Our elder brothers went to attend other competitions, we continued to communicate with them and they told us to do our best to represent them. I am so ecstatic for this opportunity and I fully believe that I will get a good position in future,'' he said. 

He further said that he is leaving for Monaco to undergo three month training and look for more opportunities to join cycling team in Europe.

People yesterday surrounded the roads in Kigali to watch race

Shemu Nsengiyumva of Les amies Sportifs was the second after using 3 hours 3 minutes and 6 seconds, while Eric Manizabayo of Benediction finished on third position after utilizing 3 hours 6 minutes and 13 seconds. 

In 25 riders who were expected to compete in the bike race, only 18 were able to finish all rounds, 7 became unable to make it to the final and 3 never started the race. 


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