Sonia Rolland’s Movie showcased in France during commemoration of Tutsi Victims

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:22/05/2019 16:15
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Rwandans along with their friends who live in France mark 25th anniversary of the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994. A Rwandan who was crowned Miss France, Sonia Rolland attended the ceremony where her played important role in the event.

The ceremony of remembering Tutsi victims who were killed in the mass slaughter that happened in Rwanda was held 18 May, 2019. Rwandans gathered in the city of Cluny to mark the 25th anniversary of Genocide against Tutsi where they laid wreath of flowers on the memorial site. This ceremony was attended by Rwandans and their friends  who came from various countries that include France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The 25th anniversary of the commemoration was started by a walk to remember from Salle Grittons to the memorial site.

The participants of the event were Sonia Rolland who authored ‘Rwanda Du Chaos au Miracle. It is the movie that shows the resilience of Rwanda after the Genocide against Tutsis that took over a million lives. 

In the City of Cluny, Rwandans and their friends remember the 25th Genocide against Tutsi

The Mayor of the City of Cluny, Henri Boniau thanked the organizers of the event and said that Rwandan community living  in France have built a good relation with  the french and that since  Sonia Rolland’s family lived  in this city  they worked together to commemorate.

The Presidential Representative of France, Jean Paul Ruta thanked the couple for survival. The reflection on commemoration was organized by the Cluny Commander of Rwanda's Landrada Rolland, Sonia Rolland's mother, Jacques Ndagijimana, Egide Sano, Wendy Atkinson, Ibuka Rhone –Alpes led by Jean Paul Ruta in collaboration with Clus.

Among the participants included the leader of Cluny, Hanri Bonia, Michel Delpech, Director of the Clunisois commune committees, Alain Gauthier Gauthier Director of the Community Collective Committee (CPCR) and other leaders.

In the garden ‘Quinconces’ in Cluny, is the first place to be the memorial center in France to remember Genocide against Tutsis. The city of Cluny have established other memorial sites such as Dieulifit, Bègles, toulouse, Chalettes-sur-loing and Paris.

Rolland  was welcomed by Ambassador Kabare and the President of Ibuka-France, Marcel Kabanda in 2011 when the memorial was established.

On 07 April 2019, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that April 7th each year must be a reflection of the Genocide against Tutsis that happened in April 1994 in Rwanda. Presidential Order n ° 2019-435 of May 13, 2019, confirmed that on 7 April there must be reflection on the Genocide, killing thousands hundreds of Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994.



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