Mugisha wants the support of Rwandans in an international art competition

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:27/02/2019 12:00
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Mugisha Gislain who is very gifted in art is now in an international art competition with various artists around the world. Mugisha wants Rwandans to vote for him to get a chance and win the High Art Competition.

Mugisha named his work of art 'Hope’ or ‘Angel Within 1’. While explaining this name, he said “my work of art in this competition is called ‘Hope’ or ‘Angel Within 1’ .This work of art displays a child laughing, his face splashed with water. The reason of this name ‘Hope’ is that even though people fear cold water, I compared that water with cannabis which many take as a drug while this plant heals many illnesses.”


Mugisha's work of art

Some of them get hope in it whereas other take it as to escape their problem (those are wrong because like technology, which is  the topic of this year,i t can help someone to develop ,while it can ruin another’s better future . So both technology and cannabis have positive and negative impact , it can make you laugh for real , or make you laugh involuntarily without happiness"


This is the work of art he drew for INYARWANDA

The High Art Competition started in 2014 and it is organized by Natural Cannabis industry located in California which produces medicine. Juxtapoz magazine which writes about culture and art also participates in the organization of this competition .

Click here to vote for Mugisha Gislain

The winner will be given 15,000$

The second, 5,000$

The third, 2,500$

The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th will get 500$ each.

By: Ntakirutimana Domina


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