Senderi complied with his promise to buy beer for his fans

Author: UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace
On:23/02/2019 17:44
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Nzaramba Eric known as Senderi International Hit offered one beer to everyone who amazed him in his party which took place at nyamirambo “Bauhus VIP bar as to fulfill his promise.

On 22nd  February 2019 ,friday night Senderi International Hit had a tremendous party which was entitled " “Gakondo Iwacu” in “Bahaus VIP bar, whereby people were having fun drinking beer and dancing until morning.

Senderi who was performing was also offering a beer for anyone partying hard. While performing, told people to help him sing his songs, and kept on telling people that Rwanda is peaceful.


The party was thrilling while senderi was singing songs like "“Tuzarwubaka”, “Bugacya” “Ibidakwiriye”, and his other new songs as well as Rwandan old school songs which made people stand and dance.

Traditional troupe called "Inkesha" was also in Senderi's party to help him please his fans. Senderi was performing in “Bahaus VIP bar” which was inaugurated on Valentine’s Day.

By: Ntakirutimana Domina


UDAHOGORA Vanessa Peace


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