Kigali: A man bet 200FRW and won 24 million RWF in FORTEBET

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:11/11/2022 9:59
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The extraordinary lucky winner won 24 million RWF, where he had invested only two hundred coins in the FORTEBET Company Games, rejoicing that his life is changed.

According to Fortebet, the lucky ticket holder had the number 3228670295549999 won 24,841,499 on Wednesday of this week, found with joy, rejoicing that his life has changed.

The ticket for this lucky one was 20 football games, all of which he had been choosing this win between the host team and the one visited. No other big choice he put on that ticket

The winner of the money didn’t want his face to be revealed and his name for his safety, saying he was happy to win this money because he has been betting for a long time now, and he was happy that the money he won was given at once.

FORTEBET Rwanda's campaign officer told InyaRwanda that they were happy with their Client who had the opportunity to win, and said that the doors are open, where everyone could win 100 million on one ticket

“We were very happy with him and he was very happy and grateful to FORTEBET because he was well aware that if he win the money would be given immediately. It was the first time he had won this kind of money but he had recently won 700FRW thousand in the last two weeks."

"Our Slogan is 'Play for Millions', so we have to help people win Millions, the money we immediately gave him he is now in joy."

Mugabo said that "When a person wins a lot of money, he is sent to the headquarters at the Gisimenti (In Kigali City) and all the money is given immediately."

“The most money you can win on one ticket is 100FRW Million, which you also get immediately,” he continued.

Referring to the security of the money one has won, he said that the winner “He receives it in his own way because Rwanda is a safe country. When he wants to come alone, there are others who want to bring Bouncers, where everyone chooses how they want to receive it."

Mugabo welcomed those who wanted to go to FORTEBET in particular these days with the start of the World Cup which will start on November 20 and end on December 18, 2022.

Currently, FORTEBET will have set up a competition with a $ 10 million ‘VIP Points’ Promotion, where one will be given scores and bet if he or she wins they get money in Rwandan francs equal to those scores.

For more information, call the 'Call Center' at 0782000205 and 0782000232, or contact them on Fortebet Rwanda social media sites at