Sitting Volleyball: Rwanda gets a ticket to 1/4 and set up a pledge

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:8/11/2022 10:22
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The National Basketball Volleyball Team in Women, which won a 1/4 ticket to the World Championships without any losing

Rwanda on Monday played two games that had to give them a 1/4 ticket and even handled it well, as they all won. The first game in the afternoon was also that’s when Rwanda got a ticket, meeting Ukraine with 3-2 sets.

Rwanda's first set lost 25-15 points, the second and third sets of Rwanda to 25-23, 25-21, and Rwanda's third set lost 16-25, and the last set 15-11.

At 19:45 a.m. Rwanda played Hungary's final match, also winning 3-1 sets. First set 25-14, second set 25-18, third set 21-25, fourth set 25-21. Games.

Rwanda immediately became the first team on the African continent either in men or women who got the 1/4 World Cup ticket, without losing a match.

Among the men on Tuesday, they will play with Canada competing for the 9th place, as they were unable to get a 1/4 final ticket. At 19:45 Rwandan women's national team returns to the 1/4th game, which will connect it with a winning team between Slovenia and Finland.

For men they are competing for 9th place on Tuesday