Loko Stars Competitions: The 40 new and rising artists have started the voting competition-PHOTOS

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:27/09/2022 14:24
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From this Sunday night the 25th September 2022, those that believe in there singing talent have started another category of voting which will take place through internet, in order to know the winner of the competition called ‘Loko stars competitions’.

It’s for the first time for this competition to be held in Rwanda, it’s purpose is to support those who believe in themselves to become future musicians

The main selections selected 40 females and male and they are the ones who made it to the finals, coming all the way from the four provinces and Kigali city

The voting website is by using Mobile Money, Airtel Money and the vote for your choice

One vote is 100rwf only, this competition has partnership with a music society called ‘Empireskode’ which belongs to a musician Ngeruka Faycal [kode] who is known in songs like ‘impeta’ and so many others.


The winner will be given 10million rwf, and will be helped in advertising his/her products. The competitors will all pass in front of the judges in each province and Kigali city, and here they have already started the votes competition on the internet

The judges will have 60% of the decision, the votes will have 30% and the public on sites will have 10% of the votes

The 40 talented people that continued in the Loko stars competition are: Aime Unique, Asiime Ivan, Atukunde Ruth, Buntu Joel, Butera Six, Dukundane Pasteur, Gisa cy’inganzo, Hafashimana Ernest, Hagenaimana Placide, Hasingizwamungu Romnel, Ishimwe Ruth, Manishimwe Vianny, Muhorateta Elyse and Munyashyaka Rodrigue;

Including Mupenzi Eric, Mutagoma Bosco Rambasol, Ndanyuzwe Benny, Ndikumana Jean de Dieu, Ndizeye Kennedy, Ngenzi Eddy Peter, Niyiringiyimana Elia, Niyibizi Jean Claude Shema, Niyigaba Jean D’Amour, Niyonsaba Daniel and Niyonshuti Gladystoni

Aime Unique 

Asiime Ivan 

Atukunde Ruth 

Bantu Joel 

Butera Six 

Dukundane Pasteur 

Gisa cy'inganzo 

Hafashimana Ernest 

Hagenimana Placide 

Hasingizwemungu Rommel

Ishimwe Ruth 

Manishimwe Vianny 

Muhorateta Elyse 

Munyamashara Rodrigue 

Mupenzi Eric 

Mutagoma Bosco Rambasol 

Ndanyuzwe Benny 

Ndikumana Jean De Dieu 

Ndizeye Kennedy 

Ngenzi Eddy Peter 

Niringiyimana Elia 

Niyibizi Jean Claude Shema 

Niyigaba Jean d'Amour 

Niyonsaba Daniel 

Niyoncuti Gladystoni 

Nsengiyumva Peninah 


Rukumbi Yan 

Shema Junior Rommel 

Shyaka Jean Pierre 

Tumukunde Thomas 

Umubyeyi Rosine Gloria 

Umumararungu Benitha 

Umutoniwase Vanessa 

Uwase Elia 

Uwase Jennifer 

Uwimana Emmanuel 

Uwimana Florence 

Zawadi Jean Paul