Table tennis: Uganda smashed the game, a 14 year old Mbabazi Sam curried the day for the Chines Ambassadors cup 2022-PHOTO

Author: Umutesiwase Raudwa
On:26/07/2022 20:25
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By the end of the week, in STECOL building located at Masoro were held the Table Tennis games hosted by the Chinese Ambassadors Cup 2022, where Mbabazi Samuel a 14 years old kid surprised a lot of people by winning the trophy for the adult category

The games started Saturday on 23rd July and was ended on Sunday, 170 players attended the competition from 4 different countries which are; Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Kenya  

There were many different categories like men, women, old women, under 18 in boys and girls, the ones who usually played in (veterans), disabled people (Para-Table Tennis) and kids under 12.

Ugandans kicked butts at the game where they won the golden medal except from the category of disabled people where the winner was a Rwandan in the women category and for men it was a Burundian man called Badru

For the under 18 category the winner was Napooki Philippe beat Musyoki Boniface they both come from Uganda and the third place was for Asifiwe Patience

Girls under 18 years the winner was Shanita from Uganda as Uganda had the whole game in control where she was playing against Kelia and Uwikunda Rosine was in third place

To the adult category the winner got 100.00FRW, the one in 2nd place got 80.000FRW, for those under 18, who used to play (Veterans) and those with disability, the one in 1st place got 80.000FRW and in 2nd place got 60.000FRW and for those under 12, the one in 1st place got 40.000FRW and in 2nd place 30.000FRW

Birungi Johnson who is the leader of this competition told the media how the competition went on so good as it’s the first time inviting foreigners to the competition and how its leveling up

Sir Birungi said on behalf of RTTF excitement that Rwandans won so many silver medal which is a great sign that we are getting to a level of competing with other countries