USA Votes 2020: Merchandizers are on the look-out as it could be a strike

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:4/11/2020 2:21
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Merchandisers in different US districts are on the look-out as there could be a strike after the winner of the US Presidential elections is announced.

According to BBC, some merchandizers were strengthening their shops for fear of a strike, as it happened when George Floyd died in May by US police.

Different people are at their guards about these elections as Trump earlier said “he wouldn’t leave White House if he fails the elections”.

They were strengthening their shops

Americans concluded voting this Wednesday and counting which is likely to take some days is ongoing.

The fear of what might happen affected last week the US Capital Market but this week it has been thrown back to where its normal way.

It is said that Biden might win as predicted by many. But on the other side, predictions say that people might be surprised by how things may change on Trump’s benefit.

Last week, Walmart mall announced the suspension of its activities about selling guns and ammunitions in its different shops around the US, because of “the strike that could happen” but after one day, it changed and got back to its normal activities in “selling guns and ammunitions.”

In the last few days, Australia warned its citizens to avoid traveling to the US in these elections’ times as it fears  a strike  would occur after elections.

Already over 100 millions of American have voted before the election day which shows that they were happy of voting and that today’s elections would be the first to incite many people during the last 100 years.