Vienna shooting: Austria Police launch manhunt after 'Islamist terror' attack

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:3/11/2020 20:59
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Austria Police hunts suspects after four people were killed in terror attack in Vienna and nearly 22 wounded.

The attack happened last night around 8 pm (19:00 GMT) in Vienna near a Synagogue and restaurants nearly before the lockdown begun.

The suspect was shot dead by police. That gunman has been identified as “a 20 years old “Islamist terrorist” who was released early in jail in December after passing there 22 months in 2019 for trying to get to war-torn Syria to join Islamic State (IS) jihadists” the Interior Minister Karl Nehammer described.

This killer was originally from North Macedonia and had both North Macedonian and Austrian citizenship.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said “the four who died were an elderly woman, an elderly man, a young male passer-by and a waitress”.

He also stated that an attack was clearly driven by "hatred of our way of life, our democracy".

He also said it was a "repulsive terror attack".

Sebastian Kurz made it clear that the nation was engaged not in a battle between Christians and Muslims but "between civilization and barbarism".


Interior Minister Karl Nehammer described the dead killer as an "Islamist terrorist" and urged Austrians to "please stay at home if possible" while the police is searching for suspects and to "avoid the inner city". Children might not go to school, he said.


The army was deployed in the capital to back up law enforcement, as an extensive search took place on Tuesday.

Police said they might have been several attackers on the street and several suspects have been arrested.

World leaders have expressed their solidarity with the Austrian people. Among others are Pope Francis, New Zealand Prime Minister and Swedish Prime Minister.

Pope Francis said via twitter, “I express my sorrow and dismay for the terrorist attack in Vienna, and I pray for the victims and their families. ”

He then added that the violence was enough. He said “Enough violence! Let us together strengthen peace and fraternity. Only love can silence hate.”

Swedish Prime Minister also expressed his solidarity via twitter too. He said, “I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks in Vienna tonight, one of them close to a synagogue. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. We must all stand united against attacks on our open society.”

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz addressing and thanking them and other world leaders, saying they won’t let horrific acts intimidated them.

And to Jacinda Arden, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, via twitter too; he said, “Thank you very much @jacindaarden for your kind words of solidarity and support! This means a lot to us in these difficult times. Austria will not be intimidated by such horrific acts of terror. Together we will defend our open societies and democratic values.”