Seven Bodies were found in container shipment from Serbia

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:26/10/2020 3:09
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Seven bodies were found in a fertilizer container shipment from Serbia to Paraguay, which might be migrants seeking for new country to migrate.

Those bodies have been found decomposed, which might be caused by asphyxiation as Dr Lemir said.


All the victims are believed to be male adults. They have been found by employees of an agricultural company in Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion.


The container had travelled through Croatia which they think could be their destination but the container continue through Egypt, Spain and Argentina en route to Paraguay.


The long distance might be another cause of their death because of lack of enough food to eat as they planned a short journey, reinforced Dr Lemir.


The fertilizer could cause the faster process of decomposition added Dr Lemir.

Three of them were from Morocco and one from Egypt declared forensic doctor Pablo Lemir.


Talking to Reuters News Agency, prosecutor Marcelo Saldiva said that "We assume that they arrived there from their country of origin and had planned to travel to a nearer destination but they did not calculate the distance well and did not survive the trip,"


“Their supply of biscuits, bottled water and tinned food was enough to last 72 hours, he added.


They are trying to identify the bodies, which is said to be tough because it remains just hair and bones as the bodies are decomposed.