Mixed feeling as President Kagame appoints former Minister Uwizeyimana as Senator

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:16/10/2020 16:27
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After resigning as State Minister in Ministry of Justice after assaulting a female security guard in early this year, Evode Uwizeyimana has been appointed a Senate by President Paul Kagame, something few were expecting thus attracting both local and international media.

His Excellence President Paul Kagame appointed Evode Uwizeyimana to the Senate

The controversial advocate also took on social media to express his gratitude to the President attracting more congratulatory messages as well as criticism.

“Following my appointment to the Senate, the biggest privilege of my life, I want to express my boundless gratitude to H.E @Paul Kagame for renewed confidence. Your Excellency, I’m highly energetic, loyal, proud and committed to serving our Nation under your Great Leadership” he Said.

Among those who congratulated him is Ambassador Olivier Nduhungirehe who was dropped out of cabinet by President before reappointed Ambassador of Kingdom of Netherlands.

But those who were dissatisfied to his appointment reminded the advocate who was once a critic of the ruling government while in Diaspora of the scandal that made him kicked out government.

Others criticized his words upon appointment when he commenting on the reasons for his appointment said he more knowledge than all other Senate members, with most politicians interpreting it a pride and arrogance.

Hakuzumuremyi Joseph, one of those who reacted badly, reminded him of the Scandal incidence that took him out of the Government followed by the words he used to express his deep regret while apologizing.

Other Senators appointed by the President include, Dr Dusingizemungu Jean Pierre, Kanziza Epiphanie and Twahirwa Andre.