Shadows of mystery: is Covid-19 really treatable?

Author: Marie Clemence Cyiza Uwimanimpaye
On:14/10/2020 9:58
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Since the outbreak of covid-19 in China in December last year, mysteries of what this corona virus has taken trends in the media, with health experts arguing that the deadly virus can not be cured only preventive measures to stop it from spreading.

However, with the virus spreading across the Globe, more people were infected, most unfortunate lost lives but many were treated and recovered from the virus, but what remains a mystery is, the disease that doesn’t have a cure, is treated and patients recover.

Different argument from experts have said that the virus indeed can be contained using a combination of ant-retro virals,life saving support like ventilators. Patients could spend at least two weeks (14 days) under treatment before they are discharged.

But recently, a different scenario about covid-19 slapped yet another theory that perhaps the disease has a cure.

                                      President Donald Trump 

A case in point is coverage in different media platforms about the faster recovery of President Donald Trump, which changed how the world perceived the recovery period taking around 14 days while he recovered in three days and again the treatment.

According to the dictionary, a cure is “a substance or treatment that cures a disease or condition”. And now, President Donald Trump’s Doctor, Dr Sean Conley said recently “The President had responded extremely well to the medication and had remained stable”.

After the news that Trump and his Wife were infected with the virus went viral, each and everyone was like “let’s wait to see what will happen next”. That’s in few words but really everyone was wondering if he’ll really get down and spend much time in a hospital as most of the COVID-19’s patients, if they really are going to struggle in trying to keep him alive.

But guess what? He got “extremely well” after only three days under treatment.

Medicines like Remdesivir, Dexamethasone you name it as it listed above got promoted as the ones they used to treat his virus. And after his recovery he said that the cure worked well and announce that every patient should get it.

We would probably wonder in thoughts that this is because US is a financial muscle but then what’s next? Are we still going to keep wearing masks, washing our hands wondering if the COVID-19 will ever have a cure? Or we just know inside us that the cure is already there but can’t talk about it like that big secret in our childhood: “Polichinelle’s secret.”

Those things are driving me bananas. I guess we have nothing else to do but hold our horses. Medicine will cost us an arm and a leg. At the drop of a hat, I’ve made my decision to protect myself from COVID-19. At the end, it’s about my life. It should be about yours too. Now the ball is in your court.

This became after different medicines had been merged to cure the USA’s president Donald Trump after he has been infected by the COVID-19.


                       Remdesivir, COVID-19 Coronavirus Antiviral Drud 

Among others,Remdesivir (Antiviral), Dexamethasone (Steroid), Monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron together with Zinc, Aspirin, Pepcid (Antacid), vitamin D and Melatonin (sleep Aid).

Experts say that the mix is so expensive that many people couldn’t afford it and that it is still in experimentation. This would perhaps carry some sense as media reported that the cost was at least 100,000 Usd and that’s a few amount because the patient was the president.

Let’s focus on the way he got a quickly recovery.