Has She Been Married? Truth About Selena Gomez’s Outfit in Wedding Dress

Author: InyaRwanda
On:24/03/2023 10:15
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The truth about Selena Gomez’s appearance in wedding dress outfit which raised speculations about whether or not she has got married has been revealed.

A singer and movie star Selena Gomez has once again triggered speculations among fans after appearing in white bridal gown and veil, which prompted rumors if she has had a private marriage. The truth about these speculations has been unveiled after being asked by her fans if she has really been married.

Selena Gomez appeared in New York City wearing a white wedding dress which raised concerns to many, especially her fans, wondering if she has got married but it has been communicated that she hasn’t been married rather she was shooting a film. She was filming footages for the famous movie series on Hulu called ‘only Murders in the Building.’

Steve Martin, a film writer and actor in the movie, spoke to Hollywood Life that the wedding dress in which Selena Gomez appeared was not for her real marriage, it was rather for marriage in the movie.

He said that they were shooting footages for the third movie series where Mabel (Name of Selena Gomez in the movie) has got married. He continued by saying to her fans who thought that her appearance in the bridal gown was a real wedding was not; he inspired them to wait for the third clips for the third series from where they will get more details about her bridal gown, which raised speculations.

These correspondences about the incident came out after many posted photos of Selena Gomez on social media dressed as if a real bride in wedding ceremony, where many posts speculated about whether it was in her real wedding but the movie actor Steve Martin who plays with Selena Gomez in the movie clearly explained that she was not in her wedding ceremony, instead she was acting in the movie. 

Selena Gomez dressed in bridal gown, which raised speculations whether or not she has been married 

This singer and movie star has not been married as speculated, she was rather capturing footages for the third movie series named ‘Only Murders in the Building’


Selena Gomez is together with Steve Martin and Martin Short whom they play together in the movie


It was not her real wedding ceremony which this movie actor was in    

Steve Martin unveiled that the truth whether or not Selena Gomez got married