Bourbon Bakery Launches Operations in Rwanda

Author: Mupende Gedeon Ndayishimiye
On:2/02/2022 12:15
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From the finest combination of culinary skills that encapsulate a world of tastes, Bourbon Bakery’s innovative creations are ready to cater to your discerning taste buds.

Through a steadfast passion for creativity & product innovation, and a belief to turn the daily staples of pastries into a culture, a lifestyle - the aim of the bakery facility is to transform the Rwandan Bakery landscape. Bourbon Bakery is ready to delight with a blend of unique concepts that conjures culinary magic from its thousands of breads, and pastries.

“Over the last 16 years, we have been driven by a passion for innovation and the will to continuously improve everything we do. The close relationships we hold with our customers have always inspired us to go above and beyond expectations. We aim to produce truly good, nutritious, fresh-baked products; to do it the right way, amid cleanliness and as perfect as possible, for nurture and pleasure, reaching every household in Rwanda.” Said Vincent Malaizé, Bourbon Coffee Ltd.’s Executive Director.

While addressing the distinguished guests present at the Launch, the Chairwoman of the Board, Mireille Karera, reiterated Bourbon Coffee’s global vision and plans for the brand.

“Bourbon Coffee started in 2007 with a goal to empower the coffee industry and to help farmers gain from their produce. The goal with which we started in 2007, is still closely aligned with the one for Bourbon Coffee 2.0, which we are launching today,” said Mireille Karera, Chairwoman of the Board.

GPA Holdings Ltd's  investment amounting $3.5 m in the middle of the Pandemic Covid-19, is a sign of its commitment to contributing to Rwanda economic recovery in creating 200 direct jobs adding to existing 180 jobs and supporting the growth of the Tourism Sector, said “Ignace Rusenga Mihigo Bacyaha, GPA Director in charge of Investments, Mergers and Acquisition”.

This was further emphasized by the Attaché Économique at the Embassy of France, Quentin Dussart, representing the Ambassador of France. He expressed his belief in the success of Bourbon Bakery in Rwanda and across borders.

"Today, I felt like I was in Paris when I had a taste of the baguette and danish. I was very happy to have participated in the official launch of the Bourbon Bakery, and to find a piece of France, here in Rwanda," observed Quentin Dussard, Économique at the Embassy of France.

The Attaché further reiterated France's support to the growth of Rwandan businesses in terms of training, capacity building and other support programs.

The Guest of Honor at the official launch of Bourbon Bakery, Mr. Zephanie Niyonkuru, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB), welcomed the investment and observed how it came at a such an opportune time, when the government had put efforts in revamping the economy, such as introducing the Economic Recovery Fund to help private sector businesses recover from the effects of Covid-19.

“I commend the launch of Bourbon Bakery, as it will be a vigorous boost for the Rwandan tourism sector, especially now that the bakery will be providing good quality products,” said Zephanie Niyonkuru, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of RDB.

About Bourbon Coffee Ltd

Bourbon Bakery is an industrial bakery, serving a variety of bread and pastries, with the ability to service 25,000 units per day. This is the first component of the Bourbon Coffee Ltd Transformation Program to be implemented. Other components comprise the Central Kitchen, Revisiting the Outlets Look& Feel, Banqueting equipment and Kitchen Material; The expected outcomes will be supporting the following goals: From Beans to Cup; From Farm to Plate; From attractive ambiance to International Look& Feel; From Your Dream Event’s to the reality. From Your Needs to a Customized Solution.

About GPA Holdings Ltd.

The company is a holding with investments in Rwanda, South Africa, and on the continent of Africa. In Rwanda, GPA’s activities include sales and distribution of Afrikoa Chocolates to wholesales, hotels, airlines, and restaurants. Internationally, GPA invests in various sectors such as Commodities, Distribution, Hospitality, Real Estate among others. The organization is increasingly growing its portfolio of assets across various countries and new sectors. Bourbon Coffee Ltd is the first acquisition in Rwanda. Consistent with our goal “We serve Africa”, we continue looking for business opportunities to invest in both in Rwanda and the rest of Africa.


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