RGB Suspends Sadate and his Men for Prompting Disorders in Rayon Sports

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:22/09/2020 19:46
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Rwanda Governance Board(RGB) suspended Rayon Sports leader, Sadate Munyakazi with his crew after ceaseless disorders that have been adversely affecting the Rwanda’s blues.

Prior to Rwanda governance board’s decision of suspending Sadate with his committee, there has been careful scrutiny on origin of the chaos. Sadate with his men reportedly ignited conflict prompting the fall of Rayon. To the governance board’s decision, sacking Sadate and his close friends will solve all problems that the Team has been facing off with. 

Dr. Usta Kayitesi

Speaking at the press conference held today, Tuesday, at Kigali Arena-Rwanda Governance Board spokesperson- Dr Usta Kayitesi announced that Sadate and all committee members supporting his poor leadership were suspended.

‘’ We decided that we are going to make analysis on non-government institutions, notably starting from higher institutions. This year, we are focusing on solving Sports problems, except for Rayon’s problem which required deep investigations we are also releasing another statement soon regarding various types of sporting games’’ Usta Kayitesi said. 

She added that the decision was made after careful scrutiny and analysis on the cause of the disorders that include poor leadership, mismanagement of finance and ceaseless conflict among committee members chaired by Sadate. 

Sadate Munyakazi and his men were suspended     

After choosing a new committee of Rayon Sports team made of Sadate and his crew, upheaval between fans and elected committee started erupting.   

Rayon Sports squad 


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