I didn't expect Gorgeous White Women would Beg Me Room Cleaning Job- Makanyaga

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:19/09/2020 19:16
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Rwandan old-school songster said that he employed a beautiful white woman as a room cleaner thanks to his singing talent.

Abdul Makanyaga confided that he did not do music because of money but satisfaction of his heart desire. However, he finally found himself earning big. He doubted of sitting with kings, presidents until he employs a cute white girl to clean his room.

The old man who began his music career in 1968, has made a great contribution to Rwandan music and his legacy will never be forgotten, notably for old-school music lovers.

To him, music was never his preliminary income but in the end he reaped unpredicted harvest. He broke a singing record for the first time in 1999 when he was singing jointly with Orchestre Irangira. Then, his name became popularly known in Kigali city.   Since then, his songs have been played all around the capital of Rwanda until they transcended borders of African countries. 

‘’ I didn't expect that a white woman would beg me room cleaning job,’’ Makanyaga, who left school at early age, told Inyarwanda.  


He continued to emphasize that he was very surprised that a gorgeous Belgium white woman begged him a room cleaning job several times. This occurred while he was performing in Belgium. He got also surprised to see bodyguards, sent by Belgium police department, curbing his security until he flew back home.   

To further explain how music gave him extra-ordinary honour a man who was married to two women said that he sat with King Baudouin of Belgium, many presidents including Kayibanda and Paul Kagame. 


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