Rwandan Christian Convention Returns for Sixth Time

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:3/09/2020 18:52
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Rwanda Christian convention is an annual crusade that gathers Rwanda’s diasporas aiming at unifying them through evangelism.

It is going to happen for the sixth time since it came into existence. It is scheduled that it is taking place this 5 September 2020, in Indiana state.

That it is due to be held in the United states of America, the evangelical gathering expects to attract at least one hundred people in an attempt to adhere to preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19. 

Other believers will have to attend it via Zoom conference since it will be happening in South Bend at 12:00 and at 6:00 Pm of Kigali time. It will also be live streamed on Rwanda Christian coalition such as Face Book and YouTube channel. 

 Emmanuel Gatorano, the leader og Rwandan Christian Coalition

Guests who were invited to the crusade involve Rev.Dr.Canon Antoine Rutayisire, Bishop John Ruchahana and a worshipper Adrien Misigaro, one of the most popular gospel singers in the country. Guest of honour will be Ambassador of Rwanda to United states of America, Professor Mathilde Mukantabana.

Adrien Misigaro singing for last year congregation 

Speaking to Inyarwanda reporter- Emmanuel Gatorano-Rwanda Christian coalition leader said that Rwandans have reaped delicious fruits from the gathering

‘’ Our achievements are numerous because whenever we get together we walk back home with exciting harvest. People get their hearts healed spiritually and receive salvation,’’ he said.  

 He further explained that participants ought to take into account on their values as Rwandans and that they are to fortify their bond of patriotism.  

‘’ Look! There is fallout among Christians, we require them to stand together because we are supposed to work jointly, and other than that, be patriotic to our home country,’’ he added.  


Concluding he extended his gratitude to Rwanda’s Embassy to the United states of America for having supported them in implementation of Rwandan Christian convention and that the crusade intends to fortify unity, reconciliation and patriotism.   



Rutayisire Patience


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