Two Rwandese Females Won Awards in Online Most Beautiful Queen's Contest in Africa

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:2/09/2020 18:51
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Mary Castro and Brenda Iradukunda are striking Rwandese females that have outperformed in online most beautiful queen competition that joined African beautiful girls.

Entitled most beautiful queen in Africa, the contest was smoothly received by Rwandans because the duo got to reach the final round of 16 contestants among of whom 10 were rewarded.

Mary Castro won award of most beautiful queen model in Africa

In the competition organized by Nigerians, Mary Castro of Rwanda won the most beautiful queen model reward and Brenda also of Rwanda was nominated Miss Universe of Africa. It is said that Brenda has bloodline both in Rwanda and Burundi.

Tobaychi of Nigeria

The Nigerian, Tobaychi won an award of the most beautiful queen World which made her the first Nigerian to receive the award since the competition came into existence.

She felt buoyant after she received the crown and said that she enters the family of females who vied for the contest.

‘’ I am thankful for all people who showed me love since I entered this contest. It is a privilege to be supported by you, we faced challenges but we learned from them,’’ she said.

Tobaychi promised to stand together with others in an attempt to contribute to the betterment of the continent and World in general, adding that she will never disappoint Africans in particular.

Rwandan, Brenda was crowned most beautiful queen of Universe 

The contest takes place online and all selections are held online until the completion. In 2018 another Rwandese Tania vied for a crown in this competition and she received the best model award. In 2019 Rwanda was represented by  Dushime Marlene, Aline Mukamusoni Amike in the competition.   


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