11years Pacific Becomes his own Boss

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:21/07/2020 13:51
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The idea of being a businessperson is a hot debate nowadays, but it is surprising how the 11 years kid, Pacific managed to save and implement entrepreneurial practices so easily.

Pacific is 11 years old and is a student in primary five at Gakaranka Primary school. He lives with parents and his father is a teacher. He likes rearing cows and feeding chickens. He has joined girls program which facilitates the youth to be aware of their rights, notably on body evolvment. He eventually profited from social teaching given in the program to be innovative in job creation.

He narrates:’’ I did not know the changes boys undergo during adolescence although I knew that girls have periods during that stage. He explained that he was so shy that he couldn’t talk about genital parts in his local language ( Kinyarwanda) because to many people, it is considered as a taboo to talk about those parts.

‘’No pare dares talk about those parts with their children,’’ he said, adding that he  was surprised when  he heard the facilitator teaching them in Kinyarwanda and mentioning the parts in their real names.

‘’At first, I thought it was abnormal but later he explained that we have to be bold and talk about them because it is our body and we have rights to know them as they are.’’ He complemented that he was unaware of when he can impregnate a girl, but he learnt it in the program better known as Speak Out school clubs.

He further said he he did not know that when a girl is raped, she can be given treatment to prevent her from getting pregnant and contaminating sexually transmitted infections but he learnt about this from the school club.

Pacific lauds Speak out project for teaching him how to save. 

‘’In the school club, each student saves 100 Rwf per month and i have so far saved 900rwf and i plan to buy rabbits which i will re-sell and get profits’’, He said. He was given sports equipment including sports uniforms and footballs. "I am so happy because I like football so much and i look to continuous practice untill i become a better footballer who can play in the national football team and get money," he said confidently.

Pacific urges police and local authorities to tighten punishments for gender based violence cases.

About Speak Out Project

Speak Out Project is implemented by ActionAid Rwanda in partnership with Faith Victory Association and Rwanda Girl Guides Association, with funding from the UK Aid.The club facilitator is a teacher who voluntarily delivers sessions on GBV and SRHR in school clubs. School clubs are made of girls and boys.



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