Rwandan Artistes Travel to Tanzania for Ongala Music Festival

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:23/08/2019 13:17
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Artistes, Deo Munyakazi, Angel Mutoni and Dj Eric Soul, went to Tanzania to represent the country for Ongala music festival taking place in Bagamoyo county on 25th August 2019.

The music festival is sponsored by German co-operations working in east African community including Goethe Institute Kigali, Goethe Institute Dar Salaam, Goethe Zentrum Kampala and Urban Music Lebel 2019.

It aims at joining together east African musicians for a throw down to improve their music spirit.  It was given a name of Tanzanian music promoter, Dr. Ongala Remmy, who is said to have contributed so much to lay a foundation stone on African music development.  

 Dj Eric Soul ( left), Angel Mutoni and  Deo Munyakazi

Speaking to INYARWANDA Deo Munyakazi said it is high time east African artists took the opportunity to showcase their talents and connect with among themselves so that their songs transcend borders of their home countries. 

'' We took off from Kigali on Thursday and we are ready to wow people living in Tanzania with our traditional music vibes. We are so proud that we are representing Rwanda and we promise to do our best to outperform,'' he said.

He added he will team up with Angel Mutoni and Dj Eric Soul during the cultural performance to bring over revelers with traditional ballad.

Previously, Deo and Angel traveled to Kenya to also represent Rwanda in Ongea Summit festival before they graced Bayimba festival staged in Uganda. It is alleged that they have unique talent of matching traditional singing style with modern melody. 


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