U.S Based Rwandans Set for Well-wishing Party’’ Black&White Ball 2020’’

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:22/08/2019 14:53
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U.S. based Rwandans organized well-wishing concert entitled Black and White Ball 2020 taking place in Dallas city on 28 November 2019. It aims to put together funds to cater support for needy children living in Rwanda.

Black and White Ball, is an annual concert sponsored by non-lucrative organization best known as 250Effect. It was founded by U.S based Rwandans joining together to conclude the year as well as collecting funds to support needy children living in Rwanda. 

250Effect has been running in United States of America for 4 years now since it was founded.  Its members have begun to get prepared for this year event taking place in Texas on 28th November 2019.

They hold concerts to collect funds enabling them to cater support for needy children living in Rwanda. They facilitate the children to get school fees, accommodation and health insurance fees.

U.S based Rwandans are getting prepared for Black and White Ball 2020 concert.

The organization works closely with Love the Kids Foundation based in Nyarugenge district where they back up various categories of children including those who are in nursery and primary schools.

Children who are supported by Love the Kids Foundation in partnership with 250 Effect pose in a picture with their parents.

The former KGB music band member-before this group singer parted ways- MYP who changed his name to Navytune is a director of 250Effect. 

For this time, they expect to work with Innox in a bid to make an historical concert.  Navytune promised to revelers that this year concert is going to be ecstatic since it will include surprises. '' Come to join your siblings and friends in Black and White Ball 2020 party to celebrate the end of this year,'' he invited. 


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