Kigali: Breakfast Seminar Brings Attention to Women In leadership Scheme

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:13/08/2019 19:29
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Breakfast Seminar, which aims to empower women who are in leadership scheme, was organized by Destiny Connectors women in Leadership Ministry for the first time in the capital of Rwanda, in a bid to foster gender balance.

According to its theme ‘’ unstoppable balanced women,’’ the seminar is expected to be held on 17th August 2019 at Hotel des Mille Collines, based in Kiyovu-Kigali. It will start from 9: Am until 2:30Pm.

Pastor Catherine Mwesigye Muhimpundu told INYARWANDA that she had vision in order to establish Destiny Connectors Women in Leadership Ministry.

Pastor Catherine Muhimpundu Mwesigye

She aims to empower women who are in leadership scheme by providing them with facilities to undergo training, raising up their understanding on business activities among others.

‘’ My vision is to empower women in leadership on how they can continue to be successful in their careers, businesses and ministries as leaders while excelling in the purpose of their creation as helpers and key people in the society," she said.

Pst. Catherine is a wife, a mother to 4 children, an entrepreneur and a Pastor. She holds a degree in BBA and many other qualifications. This year, she is going to launch her ministry in her mother-country, Kigali- Rwanda, on 17th August 2019 at Hotel des Mille Collines - Kiyovu.

She went on to tell INYARWANDA that she seeks to further women and girls’ understanding on their responsibility in being serviceable and relied on in Rwandan society thanks to their gifted ability of being a life giver.  

‘’ I want to make them convinced that a woman accomplishes her duty, her vocation, her business but remains exemplary wife in her family. She can be Minister, Deputy, Colonel, Chief Executive Officer of any business entity, Pastor or Apostle and above all, when she returns home, her husband enjoys her being serviceable for the family and her child enjoys from her role as a mother and family considers her as a strong pillar of the family, simply because she is a life giver wherever she is,’’ she lauded strength of a woman.    

Pastor Catherine further explained that attending the seminar will be free of charge for all women and girls who are in leadership scheme but they are required to register accordingly.

‘’ All women who are in leadership scheme are invited and attendance is free of charge but whoever wants to attend the seminar is required to register her both names, occupation and name of institution she works for,’’ she concluded, and offered her contacts for more details and confirmation.

Confirm to the following numbers: Pst. Cathy: 0788610870, Mrs. Jolly:  0788690337, Mrs. Cadeau: 0788312823.

Catherine will team up with other women with big names, to share experience with women who will attend, such as Hon.Anita Mutesi (S.G ANAC, Rwanda Capter), Pastor Lydia Masasu (S.P ERC Masoro), Apotre Tina Suwa (Nigeria), Me Donnah Kamashazi, Pastor Hortense Mazimpaka and Ms Mireille I. Karera (CEO.Kora).



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