Ubumuntu Arts Festival to pay tribute to late model Alexia Mupende

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:11/07/2019 12:21
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Alexia Uwera Mupende who passed away on 8th January 2019 is going to be paid tribute in Ubumuntu Arts Festival which is going to take place in Rwanda for its 5th time.

Alexia Mupende was one of the most outstanding models in Rwanda. When she died, she left great memories behind, which will forever live with the people who knew her and worked with her. She died and death was a shock and painful to those who knew her. She was killed on 8th January 2019, a month prior to her wedding day (16th February 2019).

'Alexia' name, will never perish in the Rwandan modeling industry because of the mark she left as a great model who showcased made in Rwanda products. Alexia was also among the co- founders of Ubumuntu Arts Festival. She also represented Rwanda with Mashirika in various festivals around the world.

Late model Alexia Mupende

In an interview with INYARWANDA, Hope Azeda head of Mashirika and ubumuntu mentioned that most of the people who worked closely with Alexia will be attending the festival which will take place from 12th – 14th July. "Many of them requested that we should pay tribute to Alexia Mupende by hanging her picture in the festival as a sign of respect and recognition to her work done which is why we are going to do so. Sri Lanka artists who performed with Alexia and Mashirika requested that we should honor her during the event. We will hang her picture and honor her because Ubumuntu started its journey with her even though she is no longer with us" Hope Azeda.

She added: "Alexia was humble and kind... I cannot remember her causing trouble for anyone. She loved dancing and cheering with everyone around her... I remember the first play she participated in, it was "Dear Children Sincerely" which involved a discussion between children and elders where these elders responded through written letters, it is as if she (Alexia) wrote a letter to us then and now she left.

Hope Azeda, head of Mashirika and Ubumuntu Arts Festival

Alexia was born in 1984, her father’s name is Alexia K Mupende and her mother is Rose Mupende, in 2005 alexia began her modeling career and in 2012 scoped "Rwanda Premier Model Competition" award as the top model.