Winnie Mbabazi, once a beauty contestant in Finland, Caters Food for a Mother battling with Incurable disease in Nyamirambo

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:11/07/2019 10:48
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Winnie Mbabazi, who happened to contest for Miss Queen Europe Finland, once again caters food for a mother battling with incurable disease, in Nyamirambo town, based in the city of Kigali.

Miss Queen Europe is a contest that has been popular in European countries and aims to showcase the most beautiful women in the continent of Europe. The contest reportedly attracts beautiful women living in 50 countries of Europe, including Finland, where Winnie happened to be a contestant.

As Finland was seeking 3 best contestants, Mbabazi finished selection 4th and could not go ahead for the final round. Being a Rwandan female living in Finland, Mbabazi has a helping heart.

 Kabendera Tidjra,right,( on behalf of Winnie Mbabazi) poses in a picture with Maman David, after providing her with the food. 

The source told that Mbabazi was touched by a critical condition that the mother-whose names are protected but, to her, Maman David is okay, lives on  and decided to cater food for her such as rice, oil, beans, maize flour just to mention a few and some funds to help the mother start a small business.

‘’ I am really gratitude for these food and the loving heart that you showed me, I appreciate,’’ the smiling, Maman David, thanked. 

This is not the first time that Winnie Mbabazi provides support to needy people because she on 22nd  May 2019 offered health insurance payments  to release three mothers who were detained at Muhima Hospital after giving birth.     

’When I saw 3 women of childbearing age, who were hospitalized at Muhima hospital based in Kigali, who were very worried that the hospital was going to detain them for lack of payment of medical treatment after giving birth, I was emotionally about to cry and I thought that I could do something to help them leave the hospital,’’ Winnie Mbabazi recalled.

When women of childbearing age have no payment after medical treatment, the hospital detain them until their families come for their aid or until a good Samaritan offers a support. The three women were given a room in which to stay until they are released by the hospital after Winnie made the payments. 

                         Winnie Mbabazi, a FinLand-based Rwandan

Speaking to Winnie disclosed that she has been providing support to vulnerable people since long time ago and that she feels proud of supporting needy people. She further said that Rwandans should have a loving heart to back people who are in need of help. 



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  • JohnBosco M. Musinga3 months ago
    Thanks for the heart of be a giver not a reciever for the needy it's rare to find some people like you being touched by anyone who's in needy God bless you more for your soft heart.