US: Gentil Misigaro Electrifies Texas With Musical Performance

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:8/07/2019 13:31
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A worshiping star, Gentil Misigaro, known for his gospel hits like: ‘’Biratungana’, ‘Harimbaraga’’, ‘Buri Munsi’’ featuring Adrien Misigaro, performed in Texas and attracted dozens of revelers from Dallas city who were mesmerized by his #Biratungana world tour concert held on Sunday 7th july 2019.

Sunday 7th July, Gentil Misigaro along with guest musicians such as Zawadi, Gikundiro, Yannick and pastor Jacques convinced goes of the concert who admired it especially the ways of praise and worship in Dallas. Misigaro also unveiled some of his new songs that will be on his upcoming album. As it was expected, this tour began in Texas in the USA, and the next by-stop will be Europe, Australia and East Africa.

A crowd of people gathered in Dallas 

In an interview with INYARWANDA.COM, Gentil highlighted more on how good this concert was, ''a crowd of people attended, it was a blast we deeply praised and worshiped and truly God was in our midst it really went well,people praised, worshiped and they were in the spirit, it was among the best concerts of this summer it really went well’’ Gentil Misigaro says

Gentil in Dallas 

As shows the schedule, after Texas, Dallas’s event the next stop is Arizona on 28th July 2019 and other cities in USA that are yet to be announced. From the USA, Gentil will carry on with Europe in September, where he will be in countries like France, UK, Belgium, Holland among others. Then from there, he will head to Australia in October. In November, he will go to East Africa.

People thrilled with #Biratungana world tour 

Praises and worship in the house

Gentil Misigaro together with his backing vocalists