Alex Muyoboke Ponders Charly&Nina’s Music Heydays

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:3/07/2019 11:20
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Alex Muyoboke, a man who rocketed sky to fame for managing local singers, started working as a media practitioner but later ventured into exploiting hidden talents from local and less heard musicians.

To him, he is passionate to advocate for less privileged people and that is why he converted his passion into becoming a mentor of rising artists in the country and make a bread out of it.   

Alex Muyoboke Ponders Charly&Nina's Music heydays

Alex,34, opened about best singers he will never forget in life, who surpassed others in making money under his management. ‘’ I recall 4 years of music heydays I saw when I was working with Charly and Nina, I could not precisely remember how much we earned but those days were unbelievable,’’ he recalled, adding that Dream Boys music band also made his investment grow big just in two years. Alex Muyoboke, who said he was born in Mbalala based in Uganda, hails music heydays he saw when he was working on music projects with Charly and Nina.

Speaking to Inyarwanda Alex, who graduated in social work faculty from University of Rwanda, reflected on his history in Rwandan music industry, where he said that Tom Close tops a list of artists he managed but hardly earned him money. He also appreciates days he spent with Urban Boys music band, Social Mula, Davis D and Charly and Nina in particular.   


Rutayisire Patience


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