Mani Martin Visits Hiroshima Memorial Before He Wows Goers of his Historical Concert in Japan

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:9/06/2019 14:07
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The Rwandan singer performed for people who live in the Hiroshima region where he also visited a memorial site where America hurled harmful missiles which killed dozens of people and left others with permanent injuries and wounds after the world war.

Few days ago, the Rwandan rap star, Mani Martin left Kigali for Japan where he expects to land six huge concerts which will be staged in 4 corners of Japan.

Martin told about his visit to Hiroshima,’’ before I went to the stage, I had visited a place which has great history in the world, the place where victims were bombarded and killed in the blast of missiles launched by Americans, I saw damages and leftovers which are still fresh after 73 years now, I was shocked  by little kids who were suffocated by smokes of bombs, they were deliberately killed when their country was in peace and consequences are still affecting survivors until now.’’ 


He added that he has learned many things from the visit and that he will fight for building the world through encouraging people to protect it from being destroyed so that it will remain more beautiful and attractive.

Mani Martin poses in the picture with a survivor of Hiroshima bomb blast. 

Martin continued to tell that thousands of people, who come from four sides of Japan, including high school and university students, are gathered around the memorial site to learn from the horrific history that blanketed Japan and be trained about resilience and peacekeeping.

‘’ We, the children of Japan we vow that we will fight against war and other fallout that is likely to ignite ideas of killing people, like our elder brothers who were slaughtered in bomb explosions, we beg the world to listen to our united voices, shouting for help that it will never happen again,’’ children enchanted.

Martin said that he thinks that Rwanda should learn from Japan and train youth to embrace resilience after massive slaughter that took lives of about a million Tustis during 100 days in 1994.



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