8 Rwandan Dancers Are Missing after Performing For Africa Dance Festival in New York City

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:30/05/2019 10:52
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Six males and two females who were members of Rwanda’s traditional dancing club, Inganzo Ngari, are said to have disappeared in the New York City after performing for Africa Dance Festival happened for the 42nd time.

20 dancers left the country for New York on 15th May 2019, the source confided that only 12 returned to the country after performing in the festival that aims to join US-based African people, known as Africa dance festival.  

‘’ They were 20 when we left for US on 15th May, but we can’t believe that only 12 of them returned to Rwanda on 29th May 2019,’’ the source disclosed.

The source continued to tell that when the club arrived at the Airport of New York City, Clarisse, who was a senior trainer of females, told her colleagues that she would not return home with them. Other three of them reportedly disappeared before the show began, another crew of four vanished immediately the festival came to an end.


Organizers of the festival were confused with how performers from Rwanda were unexpectedly disappearing but they allowed few who stayed to perform.

Serge Nahimana, a trainer and manager of Inganzo Ngari confirmed that 8 dancers unexpectedly vanished and to him, they are doing their own affairs. ‘’ They went for their own businesses,’’ Serge told  

Luggage of those 8 who vanished were returned to the country. Serge added that their baggage are safe and that they can’t wait to replace 8 dancers who disappointed them. ‘’ We always have good dancers and trainers in Inganzo Ngari.’’ 


Rutayisire Patience


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