USA: Rwandese Vocalist Sedy Caters Food for 50 Homeless People in Texas

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:23/05/2019 10:49
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Real names Sedrick Djano he is known on the stage as Sedy. He is a Rwandan who lives in the United States, Mississipi, he spends much of his time in Texas thanks to his job. Sedy has done a charity work, helping more than 50 people living in the United States.

Sedy supported those people through an organization named ‘Give kindness’. About music, Sedy previously released a new song featuring Rideman and Social Mula dubbed ‘Be kind to one another’.

On Saturday, May 18, 2019 Sedy Djano and the producer of the LG Pro, who live in the United States, visited and catered food for the homeless in Texas.

Sedy Djano, who sings gospel ballads, told that he has catered food for at least 50 people living on the streets in Texas.

“We have fed more than 50 people who live on the streets in Texas based in the United States'' he said. The people whom he supported were so happy to be cared by a foreign person when their compatriots are sitting back.

Sedy says that the most important thing is to converse with people who are helpless, stressing that he had chance to talk to them and hinted that he was eager to hear from what they needed.

“We have had the opportunity to talk to them, they told us that they are happier than the words of mouth can describe. They told us that it was rare that they had the opportunity to see the food at six hours. They were also surprised to see a person who was not born in their own country, who was compassionated, loving and willing to spend his money to feed them. It was a great joy for everyone there.” he said.

Sedy have provided support to homeless people in the United States, the majority of them are adults. he added that he has yet to see a child on the street since he arrived in the states.

He said: “Even before I get there, I have never seen ‘Homeless ’child. They are all adults including; women and men. Many sleep on the floor or in the barns. “

He added that there are people who need help and that he encourages well-wishers to go for their aid and mobilize the world to do something to help. He reminded them that giving is more blessed than receiving.

They were very happy with the help they received from Sedy

Sedy said: "Your advocacy is also necessary because we are trying to put it to media so that others can see it because there are a lot of people who are on the streets, the most important thing we need, is to talk to them and counsel them, because some of them do not want their families to know where they are or how they live due to the fact that their families have treated them badly.  I have planned to talk to them, advise them and stay closer to them’’.

The organization under the name of Give Kindness is represented by the singer Sedy who continues to do charitable works and advocate for humble people. Speaking to Sedy confided that people should love one another, live well and help each other.

Sedy says that people in the United States are the most in need of help

Sedy continued to disclose that Give Kindness look to cater support for vulnerable people be it in the United States, Africa and Rwanda in 2019. 

Some media in Texas helped Sedy publish information on his project. On March 11, 2019, Sedy presented a speech at Walk by Faith Radio in Texas. When he came to Rwanda, Sedy donated health insurance to more  than 100 people accompanied with clothes.



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