ZACUTV Is Launched to Satisfy Desires of Local Films lovers during International Transform Africa Summit 2019 being held at Kigali Convention Center

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:17/05/2019 13:09
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Rwanda and other countries of Africa face challenges of scarce movies produced to satisfy African desires of watching films.

Those challenges include low quality of films that people claim to weaken their eyes and others say they are embezzled by filmmakers who take their money electronically but do not give them movies they paid for. Looking at another aspect, diaspora express their wish that they want to watch movies produced in Rwanda to remind them of their motherland.

The ZACU TV Stand in the Transform Africa Summit 2019

With this junction therefore, the chairman of the ZacuTv, Wilson Misago launched it and said that it has been working for four months since it was founded. ZacuTV works on a website and mobile phone application. It has already registered more than 7,000 subscribers over the 4 months in operation plus 2 months of trial. is watched by people living in more than 85 countries on the world and has produced over 1000 videos including a series of photos and films captured in Rwanda and in other countries in the region, especially in Tanzania. The goal is to amplify   African films globally.

Wilson Misago has been trained and recognized in Rwanda as a producer of the most popular series in Rwanda like SEBURIKOKO, CITY MAID, INSHUTI FRIENDS and various other Cinema clubs. Misago said he hoped that this project would help different Cinema staff members in Africa, adding, they face problems of lack of market where to sell their films.

Wilson has appointed ZACUTV and Liliane Ingabire in charge of the operations of ZacuTv (COO). They were explaining to people what ZacuTv does.

Wilson says that Zacutv will continue to buy different films from the producers and put them on the site and hope that it will work for many people in the Cinema industry. He continued to say that they aim to produce at least 500 Rwandan film projects in this year, employing Rwandan film actors, artists, designers, filmmakers and others who will help in the completion of the projects.

‘ 'As professional cinema-makers , it is a high time we told about and photographed our own stories because no one will speak better than we do on our behalf, sometimes, other people do not talk to us or tell us that we are doing wrong,’’ he said.

Goers of International Transform Africa Summit 2019

In Transform Africa Summit, the Zacutv showcased two projects such as 'Face The Gorillas' and many more projects were shown to the goers of the summit.

In case you want to purchase with Zacutv

In order to use this website to pay for a shop, $ 5 per month is paid for a free credit or $ 20 per person who paid six months at a time and $ 30 per person for one year. All this money can be paid electronically on this website using Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and MTN Mobile Money. This money will help the customers to see all the films on the site without any other cost.



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