Rwanda’s Women Volleyball Team In massive Training before Heading to Uganda for FIFA World Cup

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:15/05/2019 18:10
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The Rwanda’s Women Volleyball National team are intensifying training to partake in the FIFA World Cup that will be held in Kampala, Uganda, from 18-25 May 2019.

Senior Coach, Christophe Mudahinyuka said that the team were in a massive training before they head to Uganda as a hosting country for the championship.

Mudahinyuka told the journalists on Tuesday that he summoned 18 players to go competing in Uganda.

“If a person goes to a competition, he needs enough preparation to outperform, players are in good health now, and are ready to walk back home with award, they will not ruin this chance they have got to represent the country ,’’ he said, adding that they finished the second day of training at Remera Satadium.

Christopher Mudahinyuka is a senior coach for the women volleyball national team

Among 18 players who were summoned only 12 will represent the country. They are currently staying at the Hill Top Hotel based in Remera before they go to Uganda for the championship due to begin on 18th May.

Christopher is assisted by Viateur Sibomana and Marie Josee Ntesi as the second assistant coaches.

The 18 players called for the Zone V:

Benitha (UTB), Yankurije Francoise (St Joseph), Judith Hakizimana (UTB), Mukantambara Seraphine (RRA), Nzayisenga Charlotte (UTB), Munezero Valentine (APR VC), Olive Nzamukosha (St Aloys), Ernestine (RRA) , Yvette Ie (UTB), Iris Ie (St Aloys), Iee Beatrice (RRA), Iee Ie (Ruhango VC), Iee Jacqueline (UTB), Ie Ie (RRA), Euphranse Ie (RRA), Ie Ie (APR VC) ), Donatha Musabyemariya (St Aloys) and  Kelia Umutoni (St Aloys).



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