Ugandan, Pastor Wilson Bugembe Confesses His hatred to God, during Kingdom of God Ministries Concert, when he was youngster

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:14/05/2019 10:20
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Ugandan musician and evangelist, Pastor Wilson Bugembe announced that he lived in hardship until he tried to kill himself.

He said, he sheltered under trees for many years when he was still young. Asked whether he was willing to be subjected to God, he said, he needed a shelter first.


As he performed in the Victorious album launch concert by the Kingdom of God Ministries over the weekend, Sunday, 12 May 2019, Bugembe asked God to bless them.   

He continued to tell about his life experience and disclosed that he starved a lot after his parents passed away. He confided that he lived on the street for a long time when he was youngster and that such situation has broken his heart. He revealed that that life influenced him to hate God since he falsely thought God was not on his side.  

Bugembe said that he was evicted out of other people’s houses for several times when he attempted to shelter therein. ‘’ After three, four or six months I would be evicted, ’he uttered, adding, because nobody felt pity on him, he decided to look for a huge tree under which he would camp when night fell. In the meantime, he was kind of killing himself.  

He proceeded to say, when he was strolling along the road, he encountered a well-wisher, who took him to the church. When he reached the church believers asked him whether he was willing to accept Jesus as his savior. He answered them that he merely needed a shelter.  

‘’ When I was running behind a truck, a good Samaritan appeared, grabbed my hands and took me to the church. Arrived at the church I was asked if I was ready to give my soul to Jesus, I said, no, I want a shelter’’. He said.

The good Samaritan who took him to the church, gave him a shelter, but few days later, the well-wisher passed on. Since then, Bugembe decided to proclaim grace of God to all the nations.

Pastor Bugembe disclosed a hard journey he went through

Bugembe founded a church of 9 believers who gave U-Sh 2000 offerings within a year.  He said that believers gathered under a tree for a word of prayer, they braved the thunderstorm rain and hot sun thorough out the seasons. Some shepherd in the meantime criticized him that he was a coward enough and that they would not accept that he shepherds a church.  He thanked the Lord that his church has grown, so far, it constitutes between 6000 and 7000 Christians. He said that Kingdom of God Ministries inspired him to write his songs and encouraged them to go forward.

Bugembe was born in Masaka in 1984. He is the second in the family of six children. He lost his parents when he was 10 and he lived with his little brother, Brian. He is single and looks after 100 orphans. He rose to fame for his songs like Njagala Kumanya, Komawo eka, Bilibabitya, kani, Bamuyita Yesu, just to name a few.  

Press here to watch his performance in Rwanda for Kingdom of God Ministries



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