Padiri Uwimana Thrilled Plenty of Revelers During Historical Concert held at Goma ( DRC)

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:13/05/2019 17:51
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A gospel rapper, real names, Padri Uwimana Jean Francois thrilled at least 20 thousand revelers at an historical concert held in Goma, a city based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The diocese of catholic church based in Goma invited a Rwandan, Uwimana to perform for Christians in the rap melody. Crowd of people that include Congolese, Burundians and Rwandans turned up into the concert.  

Padiri Uwimana performed in the concert that attracted plenty of people.

Padiri Uwimana disclosed that about 20 thousand Congolese believers at the Goma Diocese attended the concert, including, around a hundred and fifty Rwandans who accompanied him, and 40 delegates from Burundi, adding, unknown numbers of people who came from Uganda. He further said that the concert aimed to discuss insecurity issue battling the countries from great lake region and looking a way to reach peacekeeping in the region.   
The concert attracted plenty of people

Padiri Uwimana who rose to fame for his hit like ‘’Gusenga’’which in a version of English translation means {To Pray}, confided that he performed in his various tracks that include Louer, Mwami Ubasumba and Mariya.

‘’ They gave me a very warm welcome as you can see it yourself in the video. I sang Louer {Praise the Lord}, Mwami ubasumba{ Almight Lord} and Maria which I want to have its video shot very soon,’’ he said.


Officials from various administrations took advantage to pass on their message during the performance, basing on how young generation should contribute to the building of peacekeeping in the region of great lakes.



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