Ambassador, Joseph Habineza Appointed Director of Radiant Insurance Company

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:10/05/2019 12:51
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Joseph Habineza has been popular for the past years thanks to the responsibility of serving the government of Rwanda, particularly, in the aspect of Sports and culture.

Habineza happened to undertake responsibility as Ministry of Culture and Sports in Rwanda, looking after the young generation.


Joseph Habineza has been appointed for a new position.

Today, Friday morning, May -10- 2019, the Ambassador Joseph Habineza wrote on his Instagram that he was appointed Radiant Director.

 “Glory be to God. Proud and honored  to be the first CEO of the first micro insurance registered in Rwanda. Affordable insurance for all Rwandans.’’ He wrote.

Habineza was delighted with the new position


Who is Joseph?

Habineza Joseph, 55 years old (born on 03 October 1964), was born in Kayenzi Sector in Kamonyi.

He was born by Jean Utumyebahutu and Nyiranzabonitegeka Ziripa.

Joseph Habineza gave birth to twins twice, he sires four children born to Justine Kampororo.

His children were born in 1988, two boys (both boys) were born in 1991.

He is a great man who loves to laugh and he is comfortable when he speaks of his life and how he looks at things in general.

He is one of the Rwandan ministers who has been humiliated because of photographs spotted when he was cheating to his wife but he still believes in himself.

When he was reinstated in the Government (July 2014), Joseph Habineza was delighted to reunite with politicians who attended the inauguration ceremony of Prime Minister Anastase Murekezi and members of the new government.

Joseph Habineza is an expert in ICT, with an academic degree at the University of Montpellier, in France.

His work experience

December 21, 1989-1991: Analyst Programmer in Bralirwa

1991-1994: Department of Technology in Bralirwa

January 1994: Vice President of FRVB

May 1994-1998: Worked for Heineken company in Kinshasa

September 1998- September 2004: Director of Technology in Heineken in Nigeria

September 2004- February 2011- Minister of Sports and Culture

August 2011-July 2014- Ambassador to Rwanda in Nigeria

July 2014: Minister of Sports and Culture


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