Fallout between local film Actor Njuga and Actress Asiah Calls attention of the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB)

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:9/05/2019 17:56
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The local actress Asiah Mutoni and the actor Njuga are in fallout that attracted the attention of Rwanda Investigation Bureau popularly known as RIB.

RIB summoned Njuga to be interrogated today on the case of insulting Asiah, according to a spotted letter calling him to the courts.

This Thursday, 9th May 2019, Njuga went to the local tribune based in Gikondo, Kigali city. He was told he is accused of stealing Asiah money and clothes.

Njuga boycotted all the accusations, he was not put into jail immediately but he was told to respect the courts summons in case they need his explanation on the accusation.

Speaking to, Ngabo Leo said that he got surprised when he arrived at the Rwanda investigantion bureau office. He was interrogated on theft of clothes and money. To him, he expected that he would be questioned about offensive crimes.

“When I went to the RIB{Rwanda investigation bureau) I was thinking that I had to be accused of humiliating her, but rather, they asked me about theft of clothes, shoes, money and mobile telephone, I had to defend myself, disproving  those claims. A prosecutor did not have any evidence to arrest me but told me to go home and if they need more explanations they will call me again,’’ he said.

The fallout between Asiah and Ngabo started few days elapsed, it is claimed that the duo have been offending each other. Through social networks, Njuga reportedly called Asiah a bitch. Njuga defended himself saying that Asiah was the first to call him a thief and that he wanted a revenge.

When contacted Asiah, she was reluctant to defend herself ,but rather, she said the case is already in the courts and she can never talk about it.


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