Rwandese Isaac Gafishi, At the age of 22, Eyes to build Iconic Hotel in Rwanda- Here is how his story goes

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Isaac Gafishi told that in his dream, he sets to build hotels in Rwanda and Ethiopia and looks to promote the music of the country.

Isaac Gafishi is a musician who sings soulful ballad praising God. He rose to fame thanks to his song dubbed ‘What I Love Jehovah'.

Isaac Gafishi told that in his dream, he sets to build hotels in Rwanda and Ethiopia and looks to promote the music of the country. 

Although some may feel that it will cost him so much money, Isaac Gafishi said, he makes a lot of money.

“ If you are in Rwanda, you can think it is too much money but things are different in the United States because there are so many people making a lot of money here.” 

He said, revealing that whatever he gets he cannot forget that all he has are gift from God. “I feel grateful to God for the knowledge he has given me,” he says. 

I want to build hotels in Rwanda, Ethiopia, apartments in Rwanda, many houses in Rwanda and more stores for my online clothing. I also have my own record label. ”

“I'm not a schoolboy,” Isaac Gafishi says

Isaac Gafishi is close to completing the 3rd  grade of the university, saying, he is not a schoolboy. 

This meant that he had the ability to think bigger than ever. He said there were some misunderstandings about his progress, as people say, he gets treasure from satanic demons whom he serves. 

“Many people wonder how I do things about a lot of things at once, I'm not a schoolboy, if Africans think that a person working with demons has a lot of money is just because the eye of the African economy has died''. 

Their minds tell them that they do not know what they know. But it is not surprising that Jesus is the Son of God and the prince of demons. But for Americans it is just too common. ”

Asked to tell the prospective entrepreneurs what they should do to be successful, he said, having enough time on the Internet is a good advice to do business. However, it also requires that you have clear message. 

He said: “Entering business  requires you to have a good source of excavation from your head, to open the head, and to put down the subject. You know how to use a computer but you don't know how to teach it. You have access to the internet. ”

Asked when he expect to return to the home country Gafishi said: “I am going to think about it and I want it but it will not be later than 2020 for me to come to Rwanda. 

I would just come to look at the situation and just come to build a name and service of God. ”“ He added, he will educate Rwandan youths on how to make money.,

Isaac Gafishi has a music album

Isaac Gafishi, Isaac Israel, is a famous musician and a celebrity of God. 

“I am still a singer and I have an album. I am telling the message I have in the place where we have taught the Americans the word of God. ”

He complemented, he looks to return into the career of recording gospel songs. "I want to help you in the music industry after I graduate, I will build a label studio’’.

Besides, he chairs a firm named ‘’Dream Dreamcher’’.  

And he was born in Rubavu district, located in Rwanda. He moved to the United States when he was 12 years old. He has been in the United States for 10 years.

Isaac Gafishi says he has a stock of about $ 50 million.

“I am a founder and CEO of Dreamcatcher, I have at least 30 workers, and I'm only 22, I am keen on teaching Rwandan youth how to make money,” he said.

‘’I have $ 50 million US dollar, I don’t wanna sound like I’m bragging about it but I just teach Rwandan youth how to make money in order to help our country grow’’.

The 22 years old guy told us that he started a company called Cher Dreamcatcher that employ at least 30 people. 

He aims to teach young people how to earn money, especially Rwandans in an attempt to develop the country that was tattered by the genocide.

He started trading at the age of 14, began to live in his own roof when was just 19 years in the united states of America. His five-storey house wherein he lives, is claimed to be worth $ 670 thousand. 

To his achievement, he said, he would like to help the people living in hardship. He confided to us that he was paying himself school fees and that he was grateful for God who had brought him this treasure.

‘’Before I started my business, I was racer, my coach was happy with me, and spurred me to venture into doing my own business. ”

The coach of Isaac encouraged him to invest in doing his own business. 

The coach awarded him five thousand dollars  after he won a running competition which helped Isaac to start the business he considered as small.

The life of Isaac Gafishi from his childhood, his name was Israel
Isaac Gafishi was born in Gisenyi on May 9, 1996. He was born in a family of 5, he is a fifth child. 

He was raised in a Christian family. He grew up singing in the choir. He studied primary schools in Rwanda and continued higher education in the United States. He is now completing the last year of Masters in Psychology and Kinesiology. 

We asked him about the origin of his name Israel (Isaac Israel) and he said: “When i was 14 years old, i had Jacob's dream during the night, God told, if you go into the water, you will not drain nor sink, and you will not be burned if you enter the flames of the fire’’ . 

He added he caught the angels who told him all of those by hands and said he would not release them without giving him blessings. Since then, he chose the be named Israel as remembrance of the dreams.

Isaac Gafishi continued to tell us that he has both parents living in the United States. . “I have two parents, but I brought my mother and my sister. 

I came from Rwanda when I was 12 years old. Before I came to America, I knew I was 6 years old but the time had not come yet. In our coming, we have been sent to the mission of converting the nations with gospel. ”


Isaac Gafishi lives in  the United States of America

When Gafishi and his parents went to the United States, they were afraid of speaking because they did not know English language, they arrived in the place where they felt like they would not speak Kinyarwanda any more.

“The first year in the United States was very difficult because of the language, we were in the area where people could not speak Kinyarwanda language,” he said, adding: “I found that Americans are very hard at work, so many people are working to get end meet, and others are always in the vocation, you can’t believe how much money they get.”

At the age of 14, he started his career as an unemployed, and he was advised by his instructor to explain him how to earn money at home. 

He said: “I was 14 years old and I used to spend hours in front of  a computer, gaming, hacking and sending messages on Facebook or Email . 

One day, my cousin explained to  me how a person can make money at home. I listened to him because I was a child with a goal to be my own boss. 

I started to attend secret training because my coach would not allow me to engage with business beside practicing sports. What I  really do is called traditional stocks online. My startup was $ 5 thousand. ”


What Kind of job does Isaac Gafishi do in America?

We were eager to know the trade of Isaac Gafishi who works in the United States until he says that he has about $ 50 million.

Isaac Gafishi said: "I have a lot of promo, host alot classes, and a camper named primerica, a team of 30 people with insurance, I teach them to trade their stocks for their own boss. 'This group gives 20% of each salary. Founder and CEO of the Dreamcatcher brand, we sell different kinds of clothes. ”

These clothes are sold by the Dreamcatcher company of Isaac Gafishi


Many people doubt about Isaac Gafishi's wealth

Rwandans and other people around the world claim this is a lie, one young man said that people are different, so that's why some people may doubt his wealth, just because they are very uncomfortable to the fact that many Africans are often misunderstood.

All things are for the white people. He said: “A person who does not have a school in the United States earns $ 4k in two weeks for a week. 

My plan is not to build a house in America, my goal is to build houses in Rwanda. I live  in a nice house with my family, I paid my tuition fees at the University from the first year until I finish my master’s degree,  you can do calculations of how much I paid. “

Running the race has made it possible for him to become rich

Isaac Gafishi continues: “ I have a plan for my savings,  will sell clothes online, make shipping worldwide . Some operators should be paid, the customer service should be paid, the inventory should be paid. 

My company has been operation for 1 year. I have a package that you can download and learn using Application for people who go through the Internet. I don’t need any proof of people who do not agree with me on this, it does not surprise me, that’s African mindset. 

They feel that good things are not theirs but belong to the white people, no black man can trust himself. That’s why I founded those classes to educate our brothers and sisters to come out of darkness. ”

Gafishi's racing was the source of his richness. Isaac Gafishi said that he did not learn to run long ago. 

A student at High School saw Gafishi who was moving around to attend their training. He allowed her to participate in the exercise, rewarding her in the first half of all students. He continued to love himself until he became the first in the state of Texas. 

“I never run before my high school coach saw me going, he asked me if I could get in with them, and I started to go to the end of the season, I was the best one, only the best at my school, I was the best in the whole state. (...) I am a ghost”. 

Not only that, he has sold up to five thousand CDs of his music in more than 24 hours,  he said he was allowed to attend the Olympic games.

Isaac Gafishi and his colleagues were a team of the local club


Isaac Gafishi wants to build hotels in Rwanda and Ethiopia



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