President Kagame Asks Senderi Hit and Tuyisenge Intore to Change their Song Praising Him

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:8/05/2019 16:46
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The president of the republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame asked local artists , Senderi hit and Tuyisenge Intore, to change their song that praises him instead of praising themselves when he was speaking to the residents of Burera district today.

The president Kagame’s visit to Burera district aims at sitting together with residents of this area to discuss issues affecting them and look for solutions.

The president met the citizens residing in Burera on this Wednesday, people who attended were happy to meet in person with the president of the republic of Rwanda. Local artists, namely, Senderi hit and Tuyisenge Intore were invited to warm up people who came to meet the president.

Dozens of residents seemed eager to converse with the president personally. They believe the president has advisable talk and they never get bored when seeing him in front of them.

Addressing the public, the president Kagame urged the residents of Burera Distric to team up and sing a local ballad ‘’ Nzabivuga” which literally means { I will say it }. The president hinted, the author of the song should adjust it since it praises him, in the stanza where they sing ‘’ What Kagame achieved for us, there will be no one to destroy it’’

Press here to listen to '' Nzabivuga song'

The president asked the Nzabivuga singers to change it’’ There is something that the singers should change in this song, it is said; what we achieved ourselves, our country has achieved or FPR {Rwanda patriotic force} has achieve for us,’’ the presidents added, the song is not that bad in case they change it.

Senderi hit worked with Intore Tuyisenge to release the Nzabivuga track few days ago when the president Paul Kagame was in a campaign for his election that offered him another mandate on power.  


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