Roberto Plans to Meet Rwandans who Aided him after Costly Wedding

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:8/05/2019 12:00
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The source, from Zambia, told that Roberto is going to come back in the country to thank a singer, Dj Pius and comedian, Arthur, who backed him after his wedding ceremony left him poorer.

The name Roberto is popular in Zambia thanks to the Amarula Hit maker. He co-starred with a Rwandan songbird, Butera Knowless in a hit dubbed ‘’Te amo’’ a Spanish phrase that means {I love you}. 

Roberto plans to visit Rwanda, he thanks Rwandese comedian and singer for having backed him when he was battled with poverty after his wedding which cost him both water and firewood.

Roberto, in eye glass, is next to his wife. They were in the country for the first time and enjoyed  to pose in the picture with Rwandans who backed them up. 

Roberto performed in Rwanda for the first time when he was invited for Arthur Amplified gig. He graced the concert few days after he tied the knot. He with wife arrived in Rwanda for the first time on 7th May 2015.

‘’ I and my wife took off to Rwanda as our first international trip. It was after few days since my wedding ceremony, that cost me so much and left me in hardship, was over. I came to Rwanda putting on the suit of my wedding,’’ he uttered, adding: “Thank you brother, Dj Pius, I met you through General Ozzy,’’ This man invited him to the comedy show organized by Arthur.

Dj Pius and Roberto might have something in common. Because Roberto appears in a song produced by Two4real music band, of which Dj Pius and (a Ugandan) Ray signature were part.   

A close source, to the singer from Zambia, said Roberto is coming to Rwanda with aim to expend his music and look for new partners. The source revealed he will be in the country by the end of this month and that he might perform in some concerts.  



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