Kwibuka25: Mani Martin Feels Impressive with a Gym mate who Made a Horror Movie on Genocide

Author: Rutayisire Patience
On:12/04/2019 14:04
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A Rwandan Afro beat and R&B singer takes on his Instagram account that his Gym mate Rwibutso has become a movie maker. He tells us how the story goes.

He is called Emma_Khan RWIBUTSO, he is my gym mate in the neighborhood Kivugiza cell based in the Kigali city.He has never been a movie maker before, just the way to tell his story, he was born a few months after the genocide against the Tutsi. RWIBUTSO is a Kinyarwanda name that means memory.

His mom was hiding everywhere with this Baby boy in her womb, the Interahamwe militias asked his father to show up his pregnant wife to be killed or they kill him instead, he refused to tell them and they killed him immediately.

When the mother was hidden under a bridge, she could not see by her own eyes what happened to her husband but she heard the gunshot noise, that was him being killed, from that minuteon wards, her only prayer was to save her life and her unborn baby. Luckily, she survived with her pregnancy. Few months later RWIBUTSO was born.

Normally, GASIGWA is the common name in our culture that people give to a child who is born after his father's death or he whose father died when he is still a little Baby. Maybe he was given the name RWIBUTSO because this was an unusual death, not just death but an abominable one, and because he was the only memory of his father left in his mother’s mind and about her marriage and the tragedy through which she passed.

Press Here to watch the first episode of the movie  here 


He grew up with a mother who doesn't talk much, no father around and he couldn't know the what happened until he had to ask for where his father was for so many years. It was a difficult story for a mother to tell her child but she did, it became very hard for him to understand all this but he chose to tell his unbelievable story through a seasonal movie he dubbed "RWIBUTSO" as his name suggests. The movie is now available on the YouTube channel.


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