# Kwibuka 25: Melody New Hope Ministry Unleashes a single of Hope

Author: Joselyne kabageni
On:8/04/2019 14:17
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As Rwanda and the rest of the world commemorate the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis after 25 years, vocalists of Melody of New Hope Ministry founded by Adrien Misigaro unleashes a song to comfort Rwandans, notably, genocide survivors.

Melody of New Hope Ministry was found by Adrien Misigaro; His songs, include Nkwite Nde featuring The Ben, ‘ Ntacyo Nzaba’ featuring Meddy, ‘Buri munsi’ with Gentil Misigaro,’ Nzagerayo’, ‘ Umuntu Usanzwe’, ‘Nzagerayo’ among others. The ministry founded with the main purpose for resorting hope in people with shattered heart. This ministry unveils a new track comforting Rwandans during the mourn period commemorating the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis.

It is a song called ‘’ Hora Rwanda’’ that was released with the video. Adrien Misigaro told that this song was released with the intention of rekindling hope of the genocide survivors. ‘’The message that this song gives is to comfort genocide survivors and bring back for hope the future.’’

How did the idea of starting Melody of New Hope ministry come to Adrien Misigaro?

In an interview with, Adrian says‘’ I founded Melody of new Hope Ministry after my visit to Iwawa( a public custody for refreshing unwell-behaved people) , I saw the youth being rehabilitated there and i got an idea of fight against drug dealing and give hope to the hopeless through melody and other charity works.’’ Adrien Misigaro responded.

He continues saying ‘ this ministry will do anything possible to reach out to people in high school and all over the country. I raised that gospel music gives pleasure that drug abuse cannot give.that is why I will use melody as a tool to reach out to the  youth abusing drugs or others who lost hope.



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